Travel plans can not be predictable, and sometimes, we need to change our flights. This unpredictability, however, means something other than losing your money. If you want to fly with Turkish Airlines in the future, knowing Turkish Airlines flight change restrictions is a good idea.

If your plans change at the last moment, changing your flight by clicking buttons might save you time and money.

So, let’s take a closer look at Turkish Airlines’ new flying rules right here:

Turkish Airlines changes flight policy

According to Turkish Airline’s change flight policy, if you have not bought a ticket from the official ticket counter website, official mobile app, or other Turkish airline contact number, the passenger must pay the total amount as a change fee and reissue the ticket from the original locations.

According to flight change policy, there is no change fee for passengers who adjust during the risk-free period. For travelers who have refundable tickets, there is no change cost.

According to Turkish Airlines policy, passengers can adjust their tickets up to 24 hours before departure. If the adjustments are made on the day of departure, the airline will charge a change fee equal to the total ticket price.

Turkish Airways Flight Change – 24 Hour Policy

Turkish Airlines does not provide 24-hour change for all international flights. Passengers who change their reservations within 12 hours after purchase must pay a change charge of USD 200. Turkish Airlines bookings are non-changeable after 12 hours.

However, all flights to and from the United States and Canada are only eligible for 24-hour risk-free adjustments and cancellations.

Several ways to change your Turkish Airlines flights

Turkish airline tickets may be changed in two ways: online and offline. These two ways are detailed below:

Steps for making online flight changes

  • Go to Turkish Airlines’ official website and login into your account with your registered email addresses and password.
  • Select the “Manage Trip” option. Fill in the required blanks.
  • Simply check the information and select the “Find Trip” option. Choose your flight from the list.
  • Make the appropriate changes based on your needs.
  • The system will now find the best available flight for you, and you need to pay the Turkish Airlines change cost.

Steps to make flight changes through offline

Flight changes From the Airport:

  • Submit your confirmation code and passenger name at the airport counter.
  • Provide the necessary information and ask the representative available to help you with the change request process.
  • The representative will check your request and change your ticket based on the availability of the flight.
  • Once the representative confirms the availability of the flight, pay the Turkish Airlines change charge, and you will receive your new ticket immediately.

Flight changes Via call   

  • Call the customer support hotline number to change your flight.
  • Select your desired language.
  • Follow the command and connect to the nearest staff member of the airline.
  • You must submit a confirmation code, passenger name, and flight number.
  • The representative will verify the flight availability and charge the Turkish Airlines change cost. You will immediately receive the new e-ticket on your registered ID when you complete the payment.

How to change the date of a Turkish Airlines flight?

According to Turkish Airways change-date policy, travelers cannot change their flight date on the same day of departure. You can change your planned flight by paying a change charge to Turkish Airlines.

The flight change arrangement is divided into separate portions by the airline. For example, a traveler changing their departure date would incur a change charge of $200 to $350 for international journeys. The cost will change and differ according to the place.

According to Turkish Airways change date policy, a traveler can only change the date provided the route and cabin remain the same.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change FAQs

  • How much does it cost to modify a Turkish Airways flight?

Turkish Airlines charges between 20 and 50 euros for domestic flight changes. However, the Turkish Airlines change charge depends on many factors.

  • Can you change your Turkish Airways ticket?

If you want to change your flight, you will be charged a ticket service cost depending on your route and aircraft class.

  • Can we change the date of our flight after booking with Turkish Airways?

According to Turkish flight date change rules, passengers cannot change the date of light on their same-day departure. The airline will charge a change fee for adjustments to the planned flight. Turkish Airlines charges a flight change fee ranging from $200 to $350 for international flights.

  • How can I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

Yes, a refund for the cancellation of the flight is possible. You can cancel the ticket online and receive a refund, less applicable cancellation fees.

  • How long does it take Turkish Airways to provide a refund?

Cancellations made up to 30 days before the commencement date of travel will be returned to you through your bank of payment within 14 days.

  • Can you send a text message to Turkish Airways?

Applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, and others provide unlimited free texting.