An emergency can occur at any time, so you should have backup plans. If you cancel your flight ticket due to any circumstances, you should know when the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy applies to you. With Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy, you can cancel your ticket prior to booking. If you hold a non-refundable ticket, it will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Rule: Major Highlights

According to Turkish Airways cancellation policy, if the airline cancels your flight due to unforeseen circumstances such as lack of control, a technical fault, or other particular causes, you have the option to reschedule the flight without incurring any cancellation fees. Here are some major highlights of the Turkish Airlines cancellation rule. 

  • You can cancel your flight and get a reimbursement if you directly purchase a ticket at
  • As per the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy, if you cancel a non-refundable ticket, only tax will be refunded. 
  • The airline does not allow cancellation of some tickets; but you can make changes. 
  • The group booking cancellation fee may vary, it is based on your fare type. 
  • If you make a pet reservation, Turkish Airlines does not allow for ticket cancellation after booking. 
  • If the airline rebooked your flight and the new booking does not suit you, you may request a refund. 
  • You can not cancel an award ticket before 24 hours of departure. 

Turkish Airlines 24-Hours Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines does not charge a cancellation fee if passengers cancel their reservation one week before their scheduled departure or within 24 hours after booking. If your flight is operated by Turkish Airlines, you will get a full reimbursement to your bank account as per the 24-hour Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. The 24-hour cancellation policy does not apply to eGift certificates, electronic vouchers and travel credit vouchers.

How to cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight?

There are different kinds of ways to cancel Turkish Airlines reservations, including by airport, through “Manage Booking,” or directly connected with Turkish Airlines to help support staff. Through the below options, you can easily cancel your ticket.


  • Copy this URL, “,” and paste it into your default browser.
  • Go to the top of the webpage and select the “Manage Trip” option.
  • Then click the “Sign-in” button and enter your currently active email address or phone number.
  • When you click the submit button, a form will appear automatically. Enter your Turkish Airlines booking number and last name in this form.
  • Then, choose the booked flight and click the “cancel” button.
  • If you cancel your ticket next 24 hours of booking, you will be automatically redirected to the charges page.
  • Pay your cancellation fees using gateways.


Turkish Airlines does not allow non-restricted fare tickets to be cancelled online; in that case, you will need to connect with customer support teams. Turkish Airlines cancellation policy offers customer support to its passengers. If you do not know the online cancellation process, the customer service team can cancel your reservation. When you contact an airline representative, provide them with both your flight and personal information.

Over the phone, assistance will assist you regarding ticket cancellation. You will have to pay a cancellation penalty if you are not eligible for free ticket cancellation.  

At Airport:

You can visit the Turkish Airlines office/airport if you live close by. Find assistance at the airport’s help desk or ticket counter. After finding the assistance, request them for ticket cancellation. Make sure you have your reservation receipt, payment receipt, and personal information. Turkish Airlines takes 7-10 days for refund processing.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee

Turkish Airlines applies a cancellation fee to both domestic and international flights. However, they will not charge you if your reservation is cancelled within the 24-hour window. Mention the cancellation charges in the table below.

Fare Type  1-12 hours prior to departure  More than 12 hours prior to departure 
Business Flexible  Charges apply TRY 300 Free of charge
EcoFly Not allowed  Q/T/L/V/P/W/U classes are not permitted for refunds. 
ExtraFly TRY 200 charges apply  TRY 150 charges apply
PrimeFly TRY 150 charges apply Free of charge

International Flight for branded flights

Fare Type Flight Cancellation Fee/ Conditions 
Economy class – Eco Fly After cancellation, only tax will be refunded 
Economy class – Extra Fly The cancellation option is not available, but after paying the 70 dollars, changes can be made.   
Prime Fly Cancellation fee 140 dollars. 
Economic class exceptional – EcoFly Cancellation and refund are not permitted; – only get a tax refund.  
Economic class exceptional – ExtraFly Cancellation and refund are not permitted; – only get a tax refund. 
Economic class exceptional – PrimeFly This fare is subject to cancellation fee 

Turkish Airlines Refund policy

Turkish Airlines refund policy provides more flexibility to its passengers. This airline will credit a full refund to the passenger’s bank account if they cancel their flight and meet the refund policy requirements. Review the below information about the Turkish Airlines refund policy. 

  • Turkish Airlines will reimburse you within 7 working days if your reservation was made with your credit card. 
  • If you hold the EcoFly fare type, this fare is not eligible for refund except for a tax refund. 
  • However, if you purchase a ticket from Turkish Airlines in cash, your refund will be credited to your account within 7-20 business days. 
  • You must contact the Turkish Airlines customer support team, if your reservation was made by cash or cheque. 
  • When making a refund request, make sure all your flight and personal details are accurate. 
  • Turkish Airlines will not charge you a cancellation fee if your reservation is cancelled within the risk-free period.   

Turkish Airlines No-Show Policy

Under the Turkish Airlines No-Show policy, it applies to all fare types. The No-Show penalty is based on the fare type. In case, if you fail to check-in or board your flight prior to the check-in deadline, Turkish Airlines will forfeit your ticket fund. Follow the below tips to avoid the No-Show risks.  

  • Inform the Turkish Airlines representatives prior to the check-in deadline. 
  • If you change your travel plans and wish to cancel your plan, you should cancel your reservation prior to departure. Otherwise, the airline will forfeit your flight amount, and you will not get a refund.


Turkish Airlines cancellation policy is very friendly; every passenger can cancel their reservation prior to scheduled departure. Turkish Airlines offers you to cancel your flight booking without incurring extra charges, but you must meet the free cancellation terms and conditions. However, Turkish Airlines applies a cancellation fee, which is based on the type of flight reservation. To get more information about the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, connect with the help support team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turkish Airlines have a free cancellation policy?

Yes, Turkish Airlines allows you to cancel your ticket free of charge. If your reservation was made one week before your departure, cancel your booking within the 24 grace period.

What happens if I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

If your ticket does not qualify for free cancellation, Turkish Airlines will charge you a penalty as per your ticket type. However, you can cancel your flight without incurring the extra/cancellation fee if your reservation qualifies for free cancellation rules.

How to get a full refund on flight cancellation from Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines does not provide full refunds to every passenger. Turkish  Airlines Cancellation policy provides a full refund only to those passengers who meet the free cancellation requirements. However, the 24-hour rule is applicable to all Turkish passengers.