You’ve mostly seen a separate screening line for TSA Precheck every time you arrive at the airport to catch a Delta flight. Many of you are already aware of Delta TSA Precheck Program, a trusted Traveler program (TTP) that allows passengers to bypass security checkpoints quickly.

Customers may not know How to add a TSA Precheck to the Delta airline app for booking a travel reservation, such as international flights to India from the United States.

This article has covered every aspect, including the definition of TSA Precheck, as well as how and where to update your passenger information to include TSA Precheck on a reservation prior to your next Delta trip.

What Is Delta TSA Precheck Program ?

TSA Precheck is a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the USA. The TSA’s official website has a list of airports and airlines, which includes over 200 airports and 90 airlines.

How Does TSA Precheck Fit into the Delta Platform?

Suppose you want to add a Traveler number, such as a TSA Precheck, KTN, or Redress number. In that case, you’ve to do this before booking your domestic or international flights, such as a Delta airline from the United States to India.

Let’s take a look at how to add TSA Precheck to the Delta app.  Once your Precheck request has been approved, you can change your travel account, for example, a flight from the United States to India, by logging into your Delta SkyMiles account and adding a VTN or TSA Precheck to your ticket.
Under “Personal Details,” there is a section titled “TSA Precheck- The Known Traveler ID.”

How Do I Use TSA Precheck to Update My Delta Boarding Pass?

When your TSA Precheck request is confirmed, your offers and facilities will not immediately be added to your ticket reservation. 

  • To use the TSA-designated airport screening lines for Precheck members, you must first validate your current international flights to India from the United States, as well as your airline customer reward credentials.
  • Once your information has been properly updated, you can download your travel papers from the Delta app.

Note: If your printed ticket does not show your Precheck status, you cannot use the TSA Precheck screening processes. As a result, keep an eye out for the “TSA PRE” symbol on your Delta boarding pass.

Why Should You Include TSA Precheck in Your Airline Bookings?

Because airlines did not immediately give notification that you’ve joined the precheck system in your reserved ticket, you’ll need to make certain information about your TSA Precheck membership when making new flight reservations or even last-minute flights from the United States to India.

How can I add TSA Precheck to other airline tickets?

Submit the precheck information during the ticketing process for international flights from the United States to India. You should double-check the information on the ticket.

  • Once you’ve looked at the flight dates and times, enter your name in the “Who’s Flying?” section.
  • A menu for “Secure Traveler Information” appears under it. After picking that option, enter your precheck information in the “Known Traveler” field.
  • It ensures that your information is submitted to the TSA’s Secure Flight system, where it will be processed with your precheck number.

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