Did you misspell your name on your Delta reservation? Don’t worry! This is a common mistake; most the travelers misspell their names while making a reservation; under Delta Airlines name change policy, you are entitled to correct your name on your flight ticket. The airline allows you to correct your name up to three letters for free.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy | Major Highlights

Under the TSA guidelines, your name should be matched with your issued government ID proof. If the legal name does not match your boarding ticket name, Delta Airlines will accept your boarding request. Here are the major highlights of name correction policy. 

  • The airline does not allow you to change your full name after booking; however, you may correct your misspelt words up to 3 characters free of charge.     
  • Under the Delta Airlines name correction policy, you can change your last name due to marriage or divorce. 
  • To change your last name, you must submit the required documents, such as a marriage certificate, divorce certificate or other legal documents. 
  • Delta Airlines will charge you a change fee if you make corrections to more than three characters or change your last name. 
  • You change your name on your SkyMiles account. However, you can change your DOB or gender.  
  • Change your name online, offline or by visiting a nearby office.      

How can you correct your name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

You can change your name on a Delta Airlines ticket online or offline. If a third party books your Delta flight, you must connect with them directly. Here are a few options for changing your name on a Delta flight. 

Delta Airlines Name Change Online

  • Open the Delta Airlines website on your smartphone. 
  • After that, you must go to the “need help” option and select the changing name on the Delta ticket option. 
  • To manage bookings, click the “My Trips” option. 
  • To access a book ticket, you must enter your Delta confirmation code and last name. 
  • Tap the arrow button once you have filled in all the required details. 
  • Now, fill in the correct name and submit or attach your legal documents. 
  • You must pay the applicable fee.       

Delta Airlines Name change offline

As per the Delta Airlines Flight change policy. You may change your name on the Delta ticket by phone. Firstly, you will have to visit the official website and click the need help option, where you will get a customer support number. You will have to share your details, such as your Delta reservation number and personal details. After receiving your details, the representative will inform you about your ticket and whether you are eligible for a name change or not. When you pay the flight name change fee, after some time you will get a new ticket with the correct name. 

Delta Airlines Name Change Via App

The following steps are for changing the name on the Delta ticket via the app. 

  • Download the Delta App on your phone. 
  • Log in to the app with your first and last name, phone number, and email address.
  • To manage reservations, select the “My Trips” option.
  • Click the “Manage Booking” button and enter the six-digit Delta reservation code that is available on your Delta ticket and your last name. 
  • Now, enter the right name in the given column and upload or attach your legal documents.
  • After that, within 2-3 hours, Delta Airlines will provide you with a new ticket with your correct name.  

Delta Airlines Name Change Fee

Under Delta Airlines name correction policy, you may change your name free of charge if you make changes within the 24-hour window. However, if you try to change or correct your name after the 24-hour risk-free period, a Delta name change fee will apply. The airline will charge you approximately 200 dollars if your ticket changes are done over a 24-hour period. 


As per the delta airlines cancellation policy you need not to cancel flight ticket. If you enter an incorrect name on a Delta ticket, you may modify it under the Delta name change policy. You can correct up to three letters in your name without paying a name change fee. However, you can alter your name free of charge if you make a correction within the 24-hour risk-free period after purchasing. The 24-hour name change rule applies to all passengers.