Have you also made a mistake in your name? It’s okay! Google Flights gives you the option to change your name after the mistake. Many times, you make small mistakes in your name at the time of booking. In such a situation, you can change your name according to the Google Flight Name Change Policy. You cannot change your full name; this airline allows changes of up to 3 characters. If you are married or divorced before departure,  in that case, you can change your surname after submitting the legal documents. This article will be helpful for Your query regarding the name change policy.

Ways To Change Your Flight On Google Flights?

There are many circumstances to change your flight including traffic jams, emergencies, and accidents.  Sometimes, the airline also changes your flight due to lack of management. Google Flights gives you the option to change your flight after the reservation. You can alter your flight by visiting their website or apps, but if you have booked your flight through a travel agency, contact them directly. Here are some points for changing flights.

  • Going to the Google Flights website.
  • Click the “manage booking” mentioned on the menu bar’s top page.
  • Enter your flight details.
  • Hit the change flight button.
  • Then, select the next available flights in the list.
  • After choosing new flights, complete the payment process.

Google Flights Change Policy

Flights Change Policy grants you to update your flight schedule after reservation. If the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, no extra cost is required to change your flight, but if the flight change request is sent after 24 hours of booking, the airline takes some additional cost. Flight fares are not set for change google flight; it depends on the ticket type and your stop. Flights can be changed through website or phone calls. 

How To Change Google Flights?

After booking the flight, occasionally you want to change your flight due to your reasons. So, you can change your flights by visiting their official website or app. Google Flights does not permit you to change your flight if you book tickets through a third party. Then, you will need to contact your travel agent directly.

  • Visit Google Flight’s official website.
  • Go to “manage booking.”
  • Fill in your flight details.
  • Click the change flight button.
  • Then, select the next available flights in the list.
  • Make payment.

Pros of Google Flights Change

If a flight is cancelled by the airline after the cancellation. They will change your flight to the next available flight without taking extra charge. If you are changing your flight within 24 hours, then in that case, you do not need to spend any amount. So this is a pros of Google flight change.

Cons of Google Flights Change

The cons of Google Flights change if you book your ticket through a third party; Google Flights cannot resolve your query. In that case, you will have to contact your travel agent. This is the biggest cons of Google flight. Their support team works very slowly because of them you will face problems during booking.

How to use Google Flight?

  • Search flight

Visit the Google flight website, then find the available flight where you want to go. This airline has a smart feature to help you find the cheapest airline for your destination. It can be suggested some trip destinations if you are not deciding on a destination.

  • Enter passenger details

Enter your flight passenger number and details including Name, Age, Phone Number, and Email.

  • Select class type

Choose a class according to your preference, like Economy, first class, and business class.

  • Select Airport

After selecting the class type, select the airport departure. Suppose you enter a “New York” city. Google flight automatically recommends your departure airport according to your destination.

  • Enter date

Then, enter a date when you want to fly with Google Flights. Google flight suggests dates, for example, weekly and at the end of the month when discounts come, so it suggests the cheapest ticket dates.

  • Book ticket

After all the details are submitted, the final step is to book your ticket after the payment.

Google Flight Price Guarantee

Most passengers prefer to fly with Google Flights because its management is very smooth for booking tickets. You can book flights for other airlines using Google Flights. Now clear the myth of Google Flight Cancel Price Guarantee; everyone wants to know about it. It is a pilot program. Its process is different from regular booking. It means at the time of booking, you see the lowest price. If the price goes upward after the booking, according to Google Flights price guarantee, they will send the difference amount to your account. If your region is American and payment must be made in dollars, you can enjoy this offer. 

Google Flight Change Name Policy

Google Flights policy allows you to change your name after the reservation. Many times, passengers make mistakes in their names while booking tickets. So, if you fill in a misspelt name, Google Flights allows you to change the correct name after small mistakes. If you book your ticket for any third party, then contact them. If you are married or divorced before departure, then you must submit a legal document for changing your surname and pay additional fees. This airline does not allow you to change your full name; they can change only three characters. 

How To Change Names on Google Flights?

If you make a mistake in your ticket at the time of booking, there is no need to be afraid. Google Flights gives you an option for changing names. Follow these steps for changing your name.

  • Search Google flights in your browser.
  • Click the “Google Flight” official website.
  • Fill in the login details.
  • Go to the “manage booking” option.
  • Click the “name change” option.
  • Next, click, pay the fees if you are eligible.
  • After the complete process, they will email you regarding the correction in your name.

How To Change Date on Google Flights?

Google flight allows you to change a date. If you do not want to travel to your original date. Visit their official website or app and fill in your flight details. Go to the manage booking option, where you can change your flight date. Follow the highlights steps for the update date.

  • Firstly you must go to your browser and search google flight then, click the official website.
  • After reaching the website, you will find the “Manage booking” option which is available on the website navbar.
  • Navigate to the “booking” page and click the “My Trips” option.
  • When you click the “My trips” option then you must fill in your details and click the “edit” button 
  • Hit the “Date change” button.
  • If you are able to see additional charges then you need to pay it and click on the “Confirm” button.