Google Airlines is the largest airlines service provider in the world. Google Airlines is always with you. Sometimes you make a mistake while booking tickets. If you want to cancel your google flight. You will have to follow some Google Flight Cancellation policy.

Google Flight Cancellation Policy

  • You Can cancel your ticket within 24 hours then it’s free non-refundable tickets
  • For refundable ticket you will have to pay some fees.
  • If you booked tickets directly from the USA within 7 days you want to cancel your ticket then no charges apply for cancelation.

What is the 24-hour Google Flight Cancellation Rule?

The 24-hour Google Flight cancellation rule is for some flights that provide facilities within 24 hours of ticket cancellation as well and Google Flights also provides a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you directly booked your ticket from the USA then you can cancel your ticket within seven days. It’s free.

How To Cancel Google Flight?

If you want to cancel your ticket. You will have to visit the official website and call Google flight customer care number 1 844-715-0077. Then inform about your cancelation tickets

You can cancel your tickets through the APPS, go to the help Centre and click the ticket cancel, so you can both cancel your tickets.

Google Flight Refund Policy

Google flight is refundable, but it depends on the conditions everyone is not eligible for a refund policy which type of ticket you buy. You will have to check which platform you bought tickets. When booking a flight ticket and the lowest price difference should be more than $5 then you become eligible for up to a $500 refund.

Google Flight Cancellation Fee

If you want to cancel your non-refundable tickets then Google Airlines may apply some charges after the cancellation ticket. Google Airlines will not refund the full amount. They cut their charges according to the cancellation policy. Almost all other airlines charge cancellation fees up to 2000-2500 rs. per ticket.

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