Suppose you make a plan to fly with Aer Lingus in a more luxurious and comfortable zone. You should book a business class. book your business class ticket through the website, app, direct Airport, and phone calls before booking your business class. You should know about the information of business class.

The Complete Guide to Aer Lingus Business Class

  • In business class, you will enjoy more facilities like a lounge, free Wi-Fi, baggage allowance, and more luxury food & drinks.
  • In the business class, you get Extra leg room.

There are some business deals as per the analysis of previous year deals:

Orlando to Manchester for $2,246 round trip, DC to Milan for $2,599 round trip, and New York to Dublin for $2,115 round trip.

  • In the business class, you will enjoy a free lounge.
  • Lounge available in Dublin terminal 2. Lounge timing open from 4.15 am to 9 pm
  • Business class passengers will have seat selection in advance.
  • In business class, you can check in three bags; all three bags’ weight should not be more than 69kg, and you can carry one small bag in your hand.
  • Business class passengers can use eye masks, blankets, pillows, earbuds,  toothpaste, and a personal entertainment screen.

Examples of previous offers found by Going on Aer Lingus business class
There are some business class deals as per the analysis of previous year deals.

  • Orlando to Manchester for $2,246 round trip.
  • DC to Milan for $2,599 round trip.
  • New York to Dublin for $2,115 round trip.

The Aer Lingus Business Class Experience at the Airport

After the book business class, you will get more facilities like:

  • Lounges This Lounge is available on Dublin Terminal 2 it’s open between 4:15 am to 9 pm.
  • Toothpaste, blanket, socks, pillow, earbuds.
  • Free WIFI service
  • Luxury foods & drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks are also available at the airport
  • Breakfast, beers
  • Extra leg room
  • You can carry three bags for baggage allowance, but their weights should be up to 69 kg.
  • Business class check-in is the priority.

Access to the Aer Lingus Business Class Lounge

  • When you come to the Airport 2-3 hours before your flight, you can enjoy the Lounge.
  • If you want to enjoy a lounge, you must buy an advance lounge pass, which costs around 30 pounds. But if you book business class show you a boarding pass to access a lounge.
  • You can access a lounge if your flight connects Chicago Aer Lingus to US Airline Lounge.

 Business Class Check-In

The Business class passenger check-in process is very smooth, and security checking is speedy. First and business-class passengers are allowed first to check in, and their boarding pass process is preferable to other classes. You will have to check-in 60 minutes before departure.

Aer Lingus Check-In Policy

Baggage Allowance

  • In business class, you carry three pieces of luggage, but your combined luggage should not be more than 69 kg. You can carry one personal bag and a baby changing bag.
  • The Aer Lingus business class experience in the air is an outstanding experience during flight. For business class passengers, baggage allowance and check-in differ from other classes.
  • Business class passengers enjoy service, personal entertainment screens, pillows, toothpaste, socks, and eye masks.

Benefits of Flying in Business Class

  • Business class passengers enjoy more during the flight. Aer Lingus gives more preference to other classes.
  • Your baggage allowance policy differs from other classes. You can carry three luggage, but their combined weight should not exceed 69 kg.
  • Suppose you reach the Airport before your departure time. You can enjoy the Lounge after showing the boarding pass.
  • In-flight provides luxury services like socks, personal entertainment screens, toothpaste, and eye masks.
  • They provide you with luxury foods & drinks.
  • The business class seat is comfortable for sleeping.

Aer Lingus Business Class Meals

  • They provide you with two meals and one breakfast your one breakfast provide before landing.
  • You can order your special meal 48 hours before your departure time. You can order only child meals, diabetic meals, kosher meals, and vegetarian meals.
  • Before the landing, you can choose ice cream, tea, and coffee.
  • You can order business-class champagne and wines without any extra cost.
  • They serve highly protein meals served in evening flights.
  • Salad changes according to the season.

How to Book Business Class?

You can book your business class through a website, app, direct Airport, and phone calls.

Book Aer Lingus Business Class Flight With the Website :

  • You can book your business class ticket through the website
  • Visit Website
  • Go to the “BOOK” section
  • And search flight
  • Filling required details
  • After all, documents are submitted
  • Make the Payment and book your ticket

Book Aer Lingus Business Class Flight with Mobile App:

  • Download app
  • Login app
  • Go to the tab “book.”
  • Select your flight and type of class
  • Then, fill in the required details
  • Make the Payment and Book a ticket.

Phone call

  • Go to the website and scroll down after scrolling downward. Their customer care number will be displayed in front of you.
  • After the call, they wait for a response.
  • Tell them information about what they are asking.
  • After you make the Payment, they will book your ticket.

Airport :

  • Go directly to the ticket counter.
  • Request them to book your ticket for business class.
  • They will ask you for some personal details.
  • After submitting the details, they will book your ticket after making Payment.

How much does an Aer Lingus Business Class ticket cost?

  • If you roundtrip from the US, then a ticket costs around $3000- 4500$
  • If any seasonal sales in November, it costs around $100 or $200
  • Mostly, the cheapest business flight cost is around $2200.

How to upgrade to Aer Lingus Business Class for free?

  • Upgradation of business class is possible. If you are not eligible for a free upgrade, then you will have to pay an extra charge for an upgrade.
  • If you have a club membership card, you can upgrade your class.
  • You can upgrade your seat through your earning points.
  • Upgrade your seat with any third party.
  • We can upgrade your business class without any extra cost. This is possible when you have a silver platinum tier.
  • You can upgrade your seat online after the upgrade. They will send you mail for confirmation to upgrade your seat.