Vistara Airlines Cancellation | Guide

If you need to cancel your Vistara flight due to any reason then do not get frustrated while thinking of the hassles of Vistara Airlines cancellation because it is a very easy process for Vistara Airlines. Vistara Airlines has a really good Flight cancellation policy which is one of the best. So, if you have decided that you do not want to fly and just want your money back then you are lucky to have booked your flight with Vistara Airlines.

This airline has always been known to treat customers well when it comes to changing or cancelling flights. Even though other airlines also have become a little more flexible due to the pandemic, Vistara’s policy is still one of the most flexible among all others.
To explore more details about Vistara Airlines, let’s read the article together. It will clarify all your doubts in simple terms so you can easily understand how you can cancel your Vistara Airlines flight and what you can expect from them.

Vistara Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your flight with Vistara Air then you have to follow certain terms and conditions, they are mentioned below.

  • Vistara Airlines only cancels the tickets which are booked from the official website of Vistara or which is through the airline’s mobile app.
  • There is no cancellation policy of complimentary tickets.
  • If you have booked an Economy Lite fare, you cannot cancel that also.
  • If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, you will not be charged any cancellation fee, which is a good thing. But, if you wait more than 24 hours, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.
  • Finally, make sure to cancel your ticket at least seven days before the departure of your flight to avoid any issues.
  • You can cancel your ticket without any charge, if you are a member of club Vistara.
  • There is no cancellation fee charged if the ticket is cancelled by Vistara airline fault or for Vistara’s delay.

Vistara Airlines Cancellation Policy | 24 Hour

If you need to cancel your Vistara Airlines flight within a day of booking, you won’t be charged extra. But for this free cancellation within 24 hours, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You may cancel your Vistara flight conveniently following the particular cancellation procedure within 24 hours of booking the tickets. No extra fee will be applied for ticket cancellation within 24 hours of booking.
  • The ticket must have been booked 7 days before the departure of your flight.
  • You can easily cancel without paying any fee, if you cancel it within 24 hours of booking.

How do I cancel my Vistara flight?

Vistara has its own precise cancellation procedure to make it easy, for cancel your flight.
Here are the following methods by following which you can cancel your Vistara’s flight very easily:-

Through manage my booking :-

When you are sure you need to cancel your flight, Vistara provides you an online method to cancel the Vistara’s tickets.

Here are the online cancellation steps you can follow to easily cancel your Vistara flight:

  • First of all you have to visit the website
  • Then go on the option of Manage my booking.
  • Now enter your PNR number and last name and all required details
  • You will have the cancellation option from the drop down list select it for further process.
  • Pay the cancellation charges, if needed.
  • You will get the confirmation of your flight cancel at your email.

Through phone:-

You have an easy option for cancellation, you can just call Vistara customer service and request them for cancellation of tickets. Give all the required details to the customer service person and pay the cancellation fee as if it required. Vistara’s representative will cancel your ticket immediately and give you a confirmation message on your gmail.

At airport:-

If you reach the airport but somehow you want to cancel your ticket, you can go to the Vistara’s counter at the airport to cancel your ticket. Give them all the necessary details and your ticket will be cancelled very easily. You will get the confirmation very soon.

Refund Policy of Vistara Airlines

If you want your refund from Vistara Airline after your flight is cancelled, then you must fit into these policies to get it.

  • You will surely be able to get a full refund if the Vistara ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking and 7 days of your flight departure.
  • If your flight is cancelled after 24 hours of booking, the cancellation fee will be charged accordingly.
  • If your ticket is fully refundable, you will get all your money back upon cancellation.
  • If Vistara cancels your flight due to its fault, you will also get a full refund.
    And they will refund your money in the same way as you paid for the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions | Vistara Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Will I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

The terms of your ticket price and the time of your cancellation will determine whether you are eligible for reimbursement for your cancelled flight. Remember that there is a possibility that some tickets may not be refundable.

  • How do I cancel my flight?

You can cancel your Vistara flight online through our website or by calling our customer care. Just make sure you have your booking details available.
What if my flight is cancelled by Vistara?
If for any reason your flight is cancelled by Vistara you will be entitled to a full refund or you can rebook on another flight as per your choice. They will definitely help you in such situations.

  • Is there a fee for cancelling my flight?

There may be some fees for cancelling your flight, especially if you do it close to the departure date. The amount of the fee may vary, so it is best to check the details of your booking.