Delta Airlines is the best airline in terms of providing services for their customers if anyone wants a comfortable flight experience, overall at a cost that’s in line with its services and offers.

It is a major United States airline based in Atlanta and Georgia. Delta Airlines mainline aircraft fly to 242 destinations and serves 52 countries across six continents all over the world.

Delta Airlines Transfer Tickets To Someone Else

This airline is 2nd largest U.S. Airline. If you booked a ticket from Delta Airlines and you wants to be change name or transfer it to someone else, then it is not possible. Delta does not allow it’s passengers to transfer a ticket to someone else.

We have some another option or other situation where you can asked for a refund for your unused ticket.  then You can asked for a refund if you purchased e Tickets directly from Delta Airlines. You will surely got a full refund without any cancellation policy.

Can I Transfer my Delta ticket to Someone else?

No you can’t transfer your Delta Airline ticket to anyone other as per Delta Guidelines.

If you have some unwanted circumstances and you are not in situation of travelling then you have only one option of cancels your ticket and get refund.

The Delta ticket should only be cancels if it is bought from Delta directly and your ticket is qualifying e tickets.

You will surely receive an full refund including your all prepaid fees and direct ticketing charges without any cancellation fee.

Delta Airlines Cancellation And  Refund Policy

If you find yourself in such a situation where you need to cancel your Delta ticket then at first be sure that your ticket is eligible for a refund or not.

Your refund is always depends upon your ticket type that you have purchased.

If Delta itself cancels or delays your flights then, you are generally eligible for a refund there is no issue of ticket type.

Delta provides you a full refund if your ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking. Technically you have until midnight the day after you purchase.  which extends the cancellation period beyond a strict 24- hour window.

The only exception is that when you book a flight at same day of departure,  then you have until midnight on that day to cancel to receive a full refund.

Delta airlines also provides 24 hours cancellation policy for it’s passengers and this policy applies to all types of fares including basic economy ticket.

If you books your ticket of Delta Airlines through an online travel agency then, you have to pay $50 as a cancellation fee.

Know About Delta Airlines Refund Policy:-

Delta offers flexibility in the form of a 24 hour risk free cancellation policy, and allows you to cancel your ticket without any penalties.

The 24 hour cancellation policy are applies to all types of tickets with a full refund.

If your tickets are non-refundable then it don’t qualify for a cash refund.

If you have a refundable tickets, you can submit a refund request to delta after officially cancelling your trip. Your ticket must be purchased with cash, check or credit card.

Basic economy tickets are only eligible for changes, cancellation and refunds if it cancels within 24 hours of purchased. If this period is passed you won’t be able to request a refund.

How To Cancel A Delta Airlines Flight Ticket

To cancels a delta flight visit at and follow the given instructions:

  • Go to your search bar and search My Trips.
  • Choose your flight which you wants to cancel . it should only be cancelled if it is not departed.
  • Now click at Modify Flight.
  • Enter the basics details and initiate the cancellation procedure.

How To Rebook A Delta Flight?

Delta provides you an opportunity to rebook your flight ticket using an e-credit card that you earn from your previous booking.

But sometimes you have to pay an extra charge for it, the rebooking charges are depends on your ticket, destination and fare class.

For rebooking your Delta flight online you have to follow some given instructions. Visit at official website of delta ( . Now go to My trips.

Select the flight you wish to rebook. Click at change/rebook or Add flights. Complete the payment process if it is needed. You have got your booking confirmation at your email address or your phone.

You can also rebook your flight by calling at airlines and connect with an Delta agent.