Changing your flight can happen for many reasons. We’re all living different lives, dealing with work, family, and everything in between. Sometimes, we get stuck and miss our flights. Swiss Airlines understands this completely and makes it very easy for you to change your plans if needed. But, do you know anything about the Swiss Airlines flight change policy? Well if you don’t then no problem, that is what we are here for. Let’s break it down for you so you can avoid any headaches.

Swiss Airlines Flight Change Policy

Swiss Air has a flight change policy that says if you want to cancel your flight and get all your money back, you must do so at least 24 hours before your flight departs. But remember, this rule may change depending on the specific flight you book. Now, if you have decided to book a new flight and it costs more than your original flight, you will have to pay the additional amount.
On the other hand, if your new flight is cheaper than the first flight, you will not lose that money. Instead, Swiss Air will give you travel points for the difference, which you can use toward your next trip.

Eligibility Criteria: Swiss Airlines flight change

These are the eligibility criteria for Swiss Airlines flight change:

  • If you want to change your Swiss Air flight, make sure your e-ticket number starts with 724.
  • You can only use credit vouchers to purchase your ticket.
  • Your Swiss Airlines flight reservation must be active for the change to work.
  • You cannot rebook online if your ticket is open-ended or does not contain specific flight details.
  • Online rebooking is available only for tickets involving round-trip or one-way flights, not for single-flight routes.

These are the bookings that are not eligible for Swiss Airlines flight change:

  • If your flight is part of a joint booking with another airline, you cannot change it online.
  • Booking is not eligible without confirmation.
  • Only tickets with status A (Available) or O (Open) can be changed online.
  • Tickets purchased as part of a group booking cannot be changed online.
  • If your ticket does not show how the fare is calculated, you cannot rebook online.
  • Any reservation containing additional services such as medical equipment or animal transportation is not eligible for online changes.

How to request a Swiss Airlines flight change?

You can request a Swiss Airlines flight change in two ways:

  • through online method
  • by calling
    Both the steps are explained in detail below

Online steps to request Swiss Airlines flight change

These are the steps by which you can change your Swiss Air flight very easily.

  • If you need any assistance you can either directly visit their official website or call them at +1-888-906-0670.
  • Once you’re there, look for the Reservation Management option. It is usually easy to identify.
  • Now, they will ask you for the six-digit booking reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  • After that, you will see the option to Edit Booking. You just have to click on it.
  • Now, select the flights you want to change and press the Change Flight button.
  • You will be asked to select a new date and time for your flight. So, choose the one that works better for you.
  • Now look at your new flight schedule to make sure everything is perfect for the trip.
  • If there is any difference in fare or any charges, you will have to pay the same. The airline will let you know. Finally, when you are all set, press the confirm button.
  • Once you do this, they will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

Make a call to request a Swiss Airlines flight change

If you want to change your Swiss Airlines flight all you have to do is call its customer service representative at 1-833-626-0737. Once you’re connected, let them know you want to change your flight and make sure you have your booking reference number with you at that time. They will help you step by step.

Important tips: Swiss Airlines flight change

If you are getting ready to fly to Switzerland, Swiss Airlines is a top choice to make your trip smooth and comfortable. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before booking your flight.

You need to try purchasing travel insurance first. This protects you and your trip in case of any unexpected circumstances.

Check Swiss Airlines’ rules for changing your flight. If you need to make a change, it will be helpful for you to know what costs may be involved.

When it comes to purchasing your tickets, time is of the essence. Try to get them at the right time to get the best deal possible.

And finally, if you have any questions or need assistance related to this please do not hesitate to contact Swiss Airlines customer support. They will surely help you out.

Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you have changed your mind about flying with Swiss Airlines, you can cancel or change your flight without any problems. But, you have to do this within a day of booking the ticket to get all your money back. The good news is that there will be no additional charges for cancellation during this period.
To cancel, simply visit the official website of Swiss Airlines. If you booked through a travel agency, they can also help you.
If Swiss Airlines itself cancels the flight then also you will get your money back and perhaps even some additional compensation. This is all about the Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Swiss Airlines Refund Policy

As per flight cancellation policy, If you cancel your flight with Swiss Airlines, you may be desperately waiting for a refund, but don’t worry. Swiss Airlines has a refund policy to help you.

If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, you can get a full refund. But remember, your ticket must be eligible for a refund. Don’t be worried if your ticket is not refundable you won’t get cash back, but you can earn travel points for subsequent trips.

The refund will come back to you in the same way you paid for the ticket, i.e. if you used a credit card, it will come back to the same card.

Typically, you will see the refund in your account within a week. But if there is a delay, you can contact Swiss Airlines or your bank for assistance.