Singapore Airlines Cancellation policy

If you bought a ticket directly from Singapore Airlines at a refundable fare, you can cancel it online and get your money back.  Singapore Airlines cancellation policy states that only the refundable taxes will be returned if you cancel a non-refundable ticket. The credit or debit card used to buy the ticket will receive the refund. There can be a cancellation or refund fee in some cases. There is a deadline specified on your booking to cancel your ticket in order to be eligible for a refund. 

Singapore Airlines’ 24-Hour Policy on Cancellations

If you buy a ticket for a flight to or from the United States, you can cancel it within 24 hours of making the reservation without incurring any fees, as long as you do so at least one week before the scheduled departure time. 

According to Singapore Airlines 24-Hour flight cancellation policy, you may cancel your flight with Singapore Airlines without incurring penalties if:

In the event that your flight is cancelled, you have three choices under Singapore Airlines’ cancellation policy:

  • Rebooking your flight is possible to accommodate your schedule.
  • To book a later flight, you can request a flight credit.
  • Your flight can be cancelled, and you can get a refund. 

How to cancel a flight on Singapore Airlines?

You can easily cancel your Singapore Airlines ticket online as long as you purchased it from a Singapore Airlines office or at Through its contact website, Singapore Airlines also offers more ways to get in touch with them. 

Singapore Airlines cancellation policy states that you cannot cancel on Singapore’s website if you purchased your ticket through an online travel agency or another third-party service. Instead, to arrange for your reimbursement, get in touch with the third party. 

Singapore Airlines has made it easy for you to contact their committed support team since they understand that you might need to quickly cancel your flight. Following is how to effectively initiate the cancelation process as per Singapore Airlines cancellation policy:

Method 1: Cancelling Over the Phone

  • You must utilize the Singapore Airlines Contact Number, to get in touch with the airline.
  • Inform the customer service agent about your particular circumstance.
  • Give all the details needed to complete the cancellation.
  • The knowledgeable representatives of the airline will initiate the cancellation procedure and guide you through each step, including any related costs.

Note: If you have any problems with your flight cancellation, you may contact us at +61 (1800) 569 084.

Method 2: Online Ticket Cancellation

  • Visit its Singapore Airline official website.
  • Locate the tab labelled Manage Booking.
  • Enter your last name with your six-character booking reference.
  • Select the flight that you wish to cancel.
  • Confirm the cancellation to finish the process..

Singapore Airlines refund policy

Singapore has a very rigorous refund policy.  Singapore Airlines charges cancellation fees for even the priciest fare categories. It can be preferable to modify your flight rather than completely cancel it if your plans change.

In certain circumstances, Singapore Airlines could be obligated to provide you with a full refund. The first is if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours and your flight is more than seven days out, as we covered above.

Should Singapore Airlines cancel your initial flight, you would also be eligible for a complete refund. As per Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, you have the option not to board if it is cancelled for any reason, even if the airline has rescheduled you on another flight. Should this be the situation, you will receive a full refund with no additional costs. 

How can I maximize my benefits?

A travel credit card that puts your priorities first is what you need. The top travel credit cards of 2024, according to Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, include the following:

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Singapore Airlines cancellation fee

The airline may charge a fee for changes to or cancellations of reservations. There are different fees associated with different types of tickets and cancellation times as per Singapore Airlines cancellation policy. However, if a passenger cancels a non-refundable ticket, there will always be a cost. The amount of the non-refundable fare cancellation penalty might vary from $100 to $500, depending on the kind of fare and the time of cancellation.

In conclusion, for a seamless travel experience, getting proficient with Singapore Airlines cancellation policy is crucial. This information will offer you the tools to organize your travels more effectively, whether it’s by assisting you grasp the circumstances, making the most of the 24-hour window, or handling cancellations and refunds quickly.