Sometimes you may find yourself in certain situations and feel the need to make changes to your ticket instead of cancelling it. The Saudia flight change policy allows you to change your flight itinerary as per your plan. If you rebook your flight within one day of booking, Saudia Airlines will not charge you a change fee. If you have any issues regarding flight changes, this page will resolve all your issues, and here you will know more about the “Saudia Flight Change Policy”.

Saudia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Have you changed your travel plan and want to change your Saudia reservation? No issue. The flight change policy allows you to change your reservation one hour before your departure time. The 24-hour cancellation policy provides you with more flexibility. With the help of a 24-hour cancellation policy, you can cancel or modify your Saudia flight free of cost.

The following are the important points of the Saudi flight change policy:

  • Under the Saudia flight change policy, Economy saver fares are not eligible for modification.
  • Domestic and International flights are eligible for amendments.
  • If you make changes to your itinerary within 24 hours of booking, you can do it without paying the penalty.
  • You can modify your ticket by visiting the website and clicking the Manage Booking option.
  • Generally, airlines do not impose a change fee on those who have purchased the “Business-Class” ticket through the Saudi website.
  • At least two days before departure, Flex and First Class can be changed without incurring extra charges.
  • This airline will charge you as per modification and based on your travel routes or fare type.

Saudia Airlines Flight Change Policy Due to COVID-19

The rules that were made at the time of Covid-19 are still applicable today. If you change your flight due to a COVID-19 infection, the airline will rebook your flight as per your newly selected date in the same class without applying the extra charges. Due to the COVID-19 infection, the airline will not charge you any amendment fees if you cancel your ticket. Under the flight change policy, you can only make changes to your reservation at least once, free of charge.

Saudia Airlines Flight Change Policy Due to Death

If your immediate family members die before your departure, in that case, Saudia Airlines will not apply the change fee according to their policy. They allow you to change your travel dates up to 45 days from the departure schedule, which is free of cost. If this situation arises and you want to extend your departure date, you will have to submit the death certificate. If the passenger dies during the flight, their family member can reschedule their flight up to 45 days from departure.

Note: If you wish to reschedule your flight, you will have to submit a death certificate in hard or soft copy to Saudia Airlines.

Saudia Flight Change Policy Due to Illness

If you are not able to fly on your departure date due to illness. Under the Saudia flight change policy, you can change your travel date without paying the change fee. But you should have your legal medical certificate. You must submit the medical certificate to the airline. If your destination has more than one or two stops, you can reschedule your flight up to 3 months from the departure date.

Saudia Airlines Flight Change Process

Saudia Airlines provides various options where you can easily make modifications to your reservation without any difficulty. You can amend your Saudia reservation by phone, visiting the sales office, through any third party, or through the official Saudi Airlines website.
If you wish to make quick changes to your ticket, you must call and provide them with your flight ticket details.
Whenever you visit the website to make changes to your ticket, first go to “Manage Booking,” fill in your basic details, and click the “Edits” button. After you finish the payment procedure, your changes will be done within a few minutes, and you will get a confirmation email.

How to Change Your Saudia Flight Ticket Online?

You can change your Saudi flight through a website or mobile app, or you can contact airline sales staff or through a travel agency. If you rebook your flight online, you can easily change your flight without wasting more time. Let’s look at the steps below to rebook your flight online.

  • Go to the website, and you will have to sign in to your account with your email.
  • Select the “Manage Booking” option, which is mentioned on the homepage of the Saudia website.
  • Now, enter your flight reference number and last name.
  • Click the “Next” button to navigate to the next page.
  • Enter the “Flight Change” option.
  • Fill out the verification code; you will receive the code via SMS or Email.
  • Enter the verification code.
  • You will be eligible to make changes to your booking, including date, time and flight route.
  • If you re-check your details before clicking the “Save Changes” button, you avoid the change fee.
  • Now, pay the fare difference amount and the applicable fee.

You must connect with your travel agent if you purchase a ticket directly from a travel agency.

Saudia Flight Change Fees

If you wish to change your travel plans and do not wish to fly on your original departure date, Don’t panic. Saudia flight change policy allows you to change your flight, but changes will be subject to change fees. The change fee will depend on your fare type, route and booking time. If you want to know about the change fee, read the below-listed points.

For International Flight:

Saudia Airlines applies to change fees in the range of 100-800 SAR (Saudi riyal). The change fee will apply to you according to your fare and class type. As per the policy, all electronic miscellaneous documents are subject to a change fee of 15 SAR for infants, 75 SAR for children, and 150 SAR for adult passengers.

For Domestic Flight:

If your arrival destination is within Saudi Arabia, this airline will impose a rebooking fee in the range of 57- 345 SAR. Depending on your fare and class type, the change cost will be applied to you. The change fee will be applied to your electronic miscellaneous documents (EMD), such as 12 SAR for infants, 58 SAR for children, and 115 SAR for adult passengers.

Flight change fee for Economy class:

  • If your flight is between Saudi Arabia and North America, charges will apply to adult passengers from 100 to 400 SAR.
  • For children, less than 25% of adult fees will be incurred.
  • This airline charges a change fee for infants, which is less than 90% of the adult fee.

Flight change fee for Business class:

  • If your flight is from Saudi Arabia to North America, adult passengers will be charged between 400 and 600 SAR.
  • Children will be charged less than 25% of adult fees.
  • This airline charges an amendment cost for infants that is less than 90% of the adult fee.

Flight change fee for First class:

The change fee applies to adult passengers, which ranges from 500 to 700 SAR.
On children’s tickets, changes are not subject to change fees.
For the infants, charges will apply to the same percentage of business class.

Frequently Asked Questions on Saudia Flight Change Policy

  • Can I Change My Departure After Booking?

Yes, you can change your departure, but you must follow the Saudia Flight policy. If you reschedule your flight, it will be subject to a change fee, which is based on your arrival distance.

  • How Can I Change My Flight Date In Saudia Airlines?

You can change your flight online or offline. If you wish to rebook your flight with hassle free, you should visit the website, go to the “Manage Booking” tab, select the flight and click the “Change Flight” option.

  • How Can I Check My Flight Status of Saudia?

Just visit the website or log in to the app and go directly to the “Status” option, where you can check your flight status.

  • Can I Rebook My Flight without paying the charges?

Saudia Airlines gives you the option to rebook your flight without incurring extra charges if you rebook your flight within the 24-hour risk-free period.

  • How Do I Connect Saudia Airlines Customer Care Team?

You can connect with the Saudia Airlines customer care team through the website, live chat option, social media account or by calling.