Ryanair Change Flight Policy, allows you to make modifications to your flight. All change fees vary, depending on the type of ticket you have purchased directly from the Ryanair website. This airline does not give you permission to cancel your reservation, but you can also make adjustments to your tickets. Read the following points to know more about flight change policy:

Ryanair Change Flight Policy

Ryanair Change Flight Policy allows you to change your flight up to 2.5 hours before departure. The airline does not give you permission to cancel your reservation. This airline will not charge you if you make changes to your Flexi tickets. With Ryanair’s change policy, you can make a correction to your name and change your flight or seat.

If you make minor changes to your reservation within the 24-hour grace period, the change fee will not apply. If your family member dies within 28 days before departure, you can request a refund or cancel all bookings without paying the charges. You can change your Ryanair flight booking online, visit the airport or call. You will have to connect with your travel agent in that case if your booking is made by an agency.

Ryanair 24-Hour Grace Period for Changing Flights

The 24-hour grace period allows you to modify your Ryanair reservation free of charge. The 24-hour grace period is a rule applicable to all fare types. This airline will not allow you to cancel your reservation once your flight booking has been confirmed. You can enjoy this rule if you book your reservation on the Ryanair official website. This airline will not charge you if you mistakenly fill the reverse route, including STN-DUB or DUB-STN. Whereas if you change your flight and the new flight is costlier than the original flight, Ryanair applies a change in charges.

Ryanair Change Flight Fees

The Ryanair Change Flight fee will apply if you make a change over the 24-hour grace period. But you can change your Flexi Plus fare reservation over the 24 hours after booking. If you make minor changes or a route change after 24 hours of booking through the Ryanair website, charges will apply 45 euros per passenger or per one-way. You will have to pay more charges, which are up to 60 euros, if you make changes in offline mode. If you want to know more about the flight change rules, you can call us or directly visit the airport, where the available customer support team will give you proper information regarding the flight change rules.

Ryanair Change Flight For Zero Fees

Ryanair zero change fee offer was valid for flight bookings made between 25-Dec-2021 and 31-Jan-2022. If you book your Flexi Fare tickets, you will get more benefits, such as changing the date, time, route and flight on the same day or after the departure date if a seat is vacant on the next available flight. If you have already checked in online, you will need to contact Ryanair Airlines to rebook your flight.

You can make changes to your Flexi Fare tickets free of charge if you change the date/time. You can even change your flight after the scheduled departure without paying the change fee. This airline allows you to make amendments to your booking up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure.

How to Change a Ryanair Flight?

You can make adjustments to your reservation by using a website or mobile app, or you can contact an airline sales team or a third-party travel agent. Ryanair Change Flight provide several options where you can make adjustments to your bookings.

Ryanair mobile application:

  • Login to the Ryanair application after downloading the app through the Play Store or i-Store.
  • Login to your ID with your Google account or email.
  • Click the “Manage Booking” option and move to the “Find Booking”.
  • Select your flight and start making changes such as seat upgrade, date, & time.
  • Now click the “Save & Changes” button.
  • After clicking the “Save & Changes” button, your change fee will appear on your display automatically.
  • Pay the change fee.

By phone call:

The airline allows you to change your booked flight by contacting Ryanair Change Flight customer service team. You should call, After a few minutes, you will be connected with their help support team, who will update you regarding your queries. You must give them your accurate personal information and flight booking number.

Through Airport:

You can make adjustments to your ticket at the airport; simply go to the ticket counter and tell them what type of change you would like to make to your reservation. To make changes, you must submit them to your Ryanair Change Flight booking number. If you modify your reservation at the airport, you will have to pay change fees online or in cash.

How to Change a Flight Online at Ryanair?

If you wish to change your Ryanair flight after purchasing a ticket through the online process, follow the below steps:

  • Open the home page of “ryanair.com”.
  • Look at the top of the website, where you will find the “My Booking” option, Click on it.
  • To enable the flight modification option, you must complete the sign-in process, which is completed by your email ID or phone number.
  • After signing in, go to the “Manage My Trip” option and click the “Change Your Flight” button.
  • Choose the flight you want to modify.
  • Now enter “New Date & Time” and take a review of the new flight.
  • If your new Ryanair flight is more costly than the pre-reserved flight, you must pay the fare difference plus the change fee.
  • Select the payment type and hit the “Pay Now” button.

Changing a Ryanair Flight After Check-in

If you need to make modifications to your reservation but have already checked in online, don’t worry. You can change your flight after the check-in; you will have to inform the airline 1 day before the scheduled departure, and they will uncheck you. After that, you can make changes easily. This option may be subject to extra charges.

Once your flight un-check, you will be eligible to adjust your flight through online or offline such as:

  • Via website.
  • Through phone calls.
  • Ryanair mobile app.
  • Through the airport help desk.
  • Through any third party or travel agent.

How to Change a Ryanair Booking (Passenger Type)

Make sure you fill in the accurate information such as first/last name, class type, or phone number at the time of family or friend reservation. If you fill in an incorrect passenger type, Ryanair will not allow you to check in online until you have selected the correct passenger type. After the booking, some passengers can move from one category to another, but you will have to fulfil some conditions, such as:

  • Adult passengers should be up to 16 years old.
  • Teen passengers should be up to 12-15 years old.
  • Infant passengers should be up to 2 years old.