Qantas Airline Name Change Policy

Did you enter your name wrong while buying a Qantas Airlines ticket, or has it changed recently due to a recent marriage, divorce, or adoption? If these circumstances arise, the Qantas Airline name change policy allows you to correct your name on the Qantas Airline ticket.  You may get in touch with Qantas Airline representatives if you need to change your legal name. In this guide, you will get all the information about the Qantas Airline name correction policy. 

What Is Qantas Airline name change policy?

Qantas Airlines name change policy permits the passenger to change their name if they make a minor mistake in their name. The name change policy on Qantas Airline is subject to certain terms and conditions. Passengers can change their name online or connect with a live agent. You may correct up to three characters in your name. Qantas Airlines does not allow you to change your full name. However, you may change your last name if you get married or divorced prior to your planned departure. 

How to change name with Airlines Qantas

If you want to change the correct name on your flight ticket, follow the steps below.


  • On the main page, click the “Manage Booking” link.
  • Enter your last name along with your Unique Qantas Booking number.
  • Select your reservation by clicking the “Find My Booking” page.
  • Choose the “name correction” option.
  • Once the required adjustments have been made, click “confirm changes.”
  • If you are subject to a name change fee, please finish the payment.
  • You’ll receive an email with a new ticket once the process is complete.


By getting in touch with Qantas Airways officials, you can modify your name. When you connect with airline officials, you will be required to submit a few crucial documents over the phone. As per the Qantas Airline name change policy, you must provide the marriage/divorce certificate or any other paperwork the court releases if you want to change your last name on the Qantas ticket. Depending on your fare type, you will be required to pay a name change cost. You will receive a new ticket in your email after updating your name on the ticket.  

At the Airport:

You have to go to the airport if you wish to make significant changes to your reservation ticket. As soon as you arrive at the airport, go straight to the ticket desk and ask any airline representative working there to change your name. Kindly provide your reservation details, including your last name and Qantas reservation code. The airline representative will review the details of your reservation and verify that you meet the requirements for a name change. If you are eligible, you will be required to pay the appropriate name change charge. You will receive an email with a new ticket as soon as the airline agent modifies your details.  

What are the rules for change name on airline ticket Qantas?

When you change your name on your flight ticket, you should keep in mind the below information.  

  • Up to three characters in a passenger’s first, middle, and last name may be changed.
  • However, you have the right to modify the spaces in your name in accordance with Qantas Airline name correction policy.
  • Under the name change policy on Qantas Airline, you are unable to add a child, change the gender, or alter the date of birth.
  • You must get in touch with the Qantas officials if you need to replace more than three letters in your name.
  • Under the Qantas Airline name change policy, you must complete the name change request form for name change.
  • You can change your last name, but you will have to meet the legal name change requirements.   

What should I do If make a minor mistake in my name?

If you would like to change your name after booking the flight, follow the instructions below.

  • Contact with Qantas Airlines representatives is the first step.
  • Give them details about your reservation, including your last name and Qantas booking code.
  • The available representatives will issue a new ticket after the name change process is finished.  
  • The name change procedure can take up to 24 hours during busy times.
  • Qantas Airlines does not impose a name change fee under the name change policy on Qantas Airline.
  • You need to get in contact with Qantas agents if your flight is international.

What documents are required for change name on airline ticket Qantas?

A name change will involve the passengers submitting the essential paperwork. Passengers are unable to change their names without finishing the necessary documentation. These are the documents you need to provide at the time of the name change. 

  • Fill out the form to request a name change.
  • Provide proof of official identification in order to amend the name.
  • If you need to change your last name, submit a copy of your marriage or divorce certificate.