Pittsburgh Airport is one of the largest military airports. It provides flight services to several destinations. This airport operates four terminals, and it also serves services and amenities, including a café, parking, shopping point, etc. In this article, you will learn about Pittsburgh International Airport.

What Is General Information About Pittsburgh International Airport?

Pittsburgh Airport is the best airport in the world, and it is special for Army forces. This airport serves approx. 8 million customers every year. Their customer support team is active 24 hours a day and gives you the best direction, which helps sort out your problems.

  • Pittsburgh Airport operates both domestic and international flights.
  • It is operated by the Allegheny County Airport Authority.
  • This airport is best for Public and Military forces. 
  • It has two Terminals and four Concourses: A, B, C, and D.
  • PIT is the code of Pittsburgh Airport.
  • This airport has many runways, such as 10R/28L10C/28C10L/28R14/32.
  • If you face any problems so, you can send a letter or you can go directly to visit at this address: 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, USA.
  • The airport is located 15 km from downtown Pittsburgh.
  • For any query, you can call 412.472.3602/ +61(1800) 718 568.

What Is The Official Pittsburgh Airport Code?

You can not easily find the official Pittsburgh Airport without an exact airport code. Let’s see the official airport codes.

  • The FAA LID code is “PIT”.
  • The IATA code is also the same as the FAA LID “PIT”.
  • WMO 94823.
  • The Philadelphia Airport Zip Code is 15231.

Runways at the Pittsburgh International Airport PIT?

There are 4 runways at Pittsburgh Airport. These runways are beneficial for smooth flight landing and take-off operations. The runways at the international airport are 10R/28L10C/28C10L/28R14/32. 

  • The runway is 10R/ 28C, which covers 3505 meters and has a concrete surface. 
  • The 10C/28C runway covers approximately 3284 meters, and its surface is Asphalt or Concrete.  
  • The 10L/28R runway distance is 3201 meters, and its surface is the same as the 10C/28C runway.
  • 14/32, the runway cover distance is 2469 meters, and its surface is the same as the 10R/28C runway

What does the map of Pittsburgh International Airport show?

The Pittsburgh International Airport map helps you find specific areas like terminals, parking, ticket counters, parking areas, and runway locations. With the help of a map, you can also find the restaurant or shopping store. 

There are more benefits of the Pittsburgh International Airport Map.

  • Easily find specific spots.
  • Quickly go to the boarding pass area.
  • You can find the parking locations
  • Restaurants and lounge areas.
  • Easy to check- in Terminal gates and Exit or Entry gates.
  • Without any delay, you can quickly go straight to the terminal gate.

Note: If you want to see airline maps, then you will have to visit this website and find the map menu, which is mentioned at the top of the website. After this click, it will open in your display.

How much does parking cost at the Pittsburgh Airport?

At the Pittsburgh Airport parking costs are different; it’s based on your time limit and which category you select while choosing the parking areas. Basically, this airline has four categories of parking lots.

  1. Short and Long term parking.
  2. Extended and Economy lots of parking

Short term Parking:

  •  It provides you short term parking. This parking is perfect for those who drop their passengers at the airport.
  • For Every 30 minutes, you must pay parking charges, which are 4 Dollars.
  • You can not park your car for up to 24 hours, but parking charges will be 32 Dollars.

Long Term Parking:

In the long term, you can enjoy free parking for the first hour of your parking, and every 30 minutes, the parking fee will be up to 3 Dollars. If you park your car for 24 hours, then the charges will be 20 Dollars.

  • Your first-hour parking is free.
  • Every 30 minutes: 4 USD charges.
  • For 24 hours, it charges up to 20 dollars.

Extended lot parking:

Extended parking is also known as shuttle parking. The airline charges parking fees every hour. 

Time Limit Parking charges 
Prior First Hour No need to pay
After every 30 minutes  2 Dollars
You can park your car maximum 24 hours 15 Dollars

Economy lots of parking’s:

This parking lot is very cheap in comparison to other parking categories because this parking lot is available only for handicapped persons. Maximum 10 dollars charges if you park up to 24 hours.

Services offered at the Pittsburgh PA airport?

Pittsburgh Airport offers you more services and facilities at the airport or during flight, like restaurants, lounges, retail stores, parking spots, etc. Here are a few highlighted services and facilities.

  1. Retail or shopping stores:
    • Lids.
    • CNN Newsstand.
    • Tumi.
    • Sunglasses shops.
    • Brookstone 
    • Seven 11 and Hudson Bookseller are also available here. 
  2. Restaurants spots:
    • McDonalds
    • Bell farm Kitchen
    • Starbucks 
    • Vino Volo
    • Penn Brewery 
    • Friday pub
    • Or other popular restaurants you will get here.
  3. Other main services: 

The Pittsburgh Airport gives you a lot of services at the airport, including: a car and bicycle parking area, play area for kids, currency exchange desk and you can also use the ATM machine also at the airport.

How many terminals does Pittsburgh Airport have?

Pittsburgh Airport has 4 Terminals, which is beneficial for smooth take-off and landing of the flight. Four terminals have their own different specialties like. Some terminals are used for services & facilities, and some are used for operating international flights. Terminals are the hub of 100 gates. 

  • Terminal A:

This terminal is used for better landing /take-off of United, Sun Country and Allegiant flights. Terminal A operates 1 to 25 gates. This terminal is known for its offers variety of services & facilities. It is connected to the other terminals.  

  • Terminal B:

Terminal B manages gates 26 to 50 very easily. This terminal operates only JetBlue, Spirit, American, Alaska and Southern Airlines flights. Check-in, boarding and departure processes run easily by this terminal.

  • Terminal C:

Pittsburgh Airport terminal operates 51 to 75 gates. It is the hub of 11 gates. This terminal is used to serve services only two Airlines, British and Canadian Airways. In this area, you can enjoy the services of restaurants and shopping spots.

  • Terminal D:

Terminal D handles the last 76 to 100 gates. This terminal is used only to land or take off Delta, Frontier, and Breeze flights. The airline provides you with essential services and general facilities.  

What airlines operate out of Pittsburgh International Airport?

Pittsburgh International Airport operates out of Pittsburgh approximately 14 airlines. They serve both domestic & international flights. They arrange terminal gates, and because of this, you can avoid your problems regarding searching for terminal gates, boarding areas, parking spots, and restaurant areas. They manage 14 international flights, including British Airways, Spirit, Alaska, and Canada Airlines.

Where do departures from Pittsburgh Airport take place?

All Pittsburgh Terminals offer departure services at the airport. The airline will inform you on a Digital screen if your flight is delayed or cancelled, and they will also announce as well. 

Where are arrivals at Pittsburgh Airport?

There are 4 concourses for which is A, B, C and D. The gates of arrivals are situated in the lower level of the concourses. At this  point your luggage will be checked or collected under the Pittsburgh Airline rules & regulations. Here you will get the car rental services or hire services also provided. You can pick cabs directly if you want to go directly in the city.

Pittsburgh International Airport FAQs

  • Which are the top airlines operate from Pittsburgh Airport?

Generally the top three airlines operate from Pittsburgh Airport: Southwest, American and United Airlines. 

  • How many terminals are active at Pittsburgh Airport?

There are 4 terminals active at the airport that are Terminal A, B, C and D.

  • Does this Airline provide restaurant services at the terminals?

Yes you can the restaurant services at the airport apart from this you can get more services like parking area, cab services etc.

  • Can I park my car over the 24 hours?

The Pittsburgh airline does not give you permission to park your car over the 24 hours.

  • Where can I call if I face any problems at the airport?

You can call, after the connecting call you will be able to speak to a live customer care agent.