Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, passengers may have to cancel their reservation. As per the KLM flight cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their reservations by using the online or offline service. Apart from ticket cancellation, you can make changes to your KLM flight ticket, such as seat or services upgrade, flight change or cancellation, or name change on your flight ticket.

KLM 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Under the KLM 24-hour cancellation policy, every passenger is eligible for this rule whose flight to/from the United States. KLM Airlines does not apply cancellation charges if anyone cancels their flight booking within 24 hours of booking. This cancellation policy applies to all types of flight reservations. KLM Airlines will transfer the full refund into your bank account if your ticket is cancelled within the first 24 hours after making the reservation. Remember that you can use this offer if your ticket is directly booked from KLM Airlines.

How to Cancel a KLM Flight?

You can cancel your KLM flight reservation by visiting the KLM official website or app, calling the customer care team directly, connecting with a live representative, or going to the airport help desk.
If any travel agency or travel agent makes your KLM reservation, you must connect with them directly. Through the “Manage Trip” option, you can cancel your KLM ticket. The ticket cancellation procedure is subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is based on your travel route, route distance, and type of booking.

After you cancel your flight reservation

When you cancel your ticket for any reason, the airline cancels your ticket. After that, you will receive a confirmation EMail. On the confirmation mail, mention some essential information, such as your name, booking number, type of reservation, and whether your ticket is eligible for a refund or not. If the airline deducts the cancellation fee, they will notify you through email or SMS. When you receive a confirmation email, it means your flight will be cancelled.

How to Change a KLM Flight Booking?

KLM Airlines provides you with various options to cancel your KLM flight booking, including:

  • You can change your flight schedule by visiting the official KLM website.
  • You have another option to change your flight, which is to download the KLM Airlines app and log in to the app.
  • Apart from that, you can call their airline support team.
  • By visiting the airport and connecting with their representative.
  • You can DM on their social media accounts.
  • Go directly to the nearby office, which is registered by KLM Airlines.
  • If a travel agency or travel agent makes your KLM reservation, you must connect with them.

How can I change my KLM flight booking online?

According to KLM Airlines flight change terms and conditions, you can change your flight (time/date and location) before the travel date. Check out the listed points that will help you to change your KLM flight booking online:

  • Go to this link “
  • Log in to your account if you are a regular customer of KLM Airlines.
  • Enter your flight details, which are provided by KLM Airlines.
  • When you enter your flight and personal details, click the “Flight Change” button.
  • Choose your flight and make changes as per your requirements, such as (name, date, time, or destination.
  • If you want to book a new flight, search for available flights on the date you want to fly.
  • If you choose a new flight that is more costly than pre-reservation, you will have to pay a change fee + fare difference. The change fee will apply under the flight.

A travel agent or any travel agency can change your flight if you book your flight through a travel agent/ travel agency.

How can I change my KLM flight booking by phone?

If your KLM flight does not change by the online mode, you can cancel your flight offline simply by calling the airline representative. They are available on call for 7 days. If you have a query related to a flight change, you can call them and take a proper solution to your problem. They will need your personal and flight details, so provide them. The information should be accurate. When their customer care team changes your flight according to your consent, you will get an email.

How can I change my KLM flight booking through social media?

You have another option to change your KLM flight booking, which is social media. You can send your flight change request to the airline through their social media accounts, including (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp). Their social media accounts are active for 7 days.

Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

If KLM Airlines delays or cancels the flight, they will compensate their passengers. They provide you with a non-refundable voucher or cash payment voucher. The compensation amount is based on your voucher type.

Voucher A : If your flight distance is within 1500 km, under the voucher type, you are entitled to get a voucher worth 350 Euros or 250 Euros (cash).

Voucher B: If your flight distance is more than 1500 km and between 3500 km,. KLM Airlines gives you voucher B that is worth 500 Euros or 400 Euros (cash).

Voucher C: If your original flight is more than 3500 km and your flight is outside of Europe, the airline will compensate you with voucher C (800 euros) or 600 euros (cash).

With your cash voucher, you can book a new flight or seat upgrade without incurring additional charges if your voucher has enough points. According to KLM Airlines compensation rules, your compensation value will decrease if your flight arrives within 2 hours of the original arrival time under the voucher A category. If you have voucher B and your flight reaches within 3 hours of the scheduled arrival time, and your flight arrives within 5 hours from the scheduled arrival time (Voucher C).

Compensation for Flight Cancellation

KLM Airlines will not compensate you if they inform you about the flight cancellation within 2 weeks of departure. But if KLM Airlines does not notify you about the flight cancellation or they cancel your flight suddenly before the departure, KLM will compensate you according to your flight distance.

  • Your flight distance is less than 1500 km, they will compensate you with 350 euros (credit voucher) or 250 euros (cash).
  • If your flight is within Europe and the distance ranges from 1500-3500 km, you are entitled to get compensation that is 500 euros (credit voucher) or 400 euros (cash).
  • The flight is more than 3500 km long and the flight is outside of Europe, you will receive 800 euros (credit voucher) or 600 euros (cash).
  • If your flight reaches your arrival location 2 hours before the scheduled arrival timetable, they will reduce 50 percent of your compensation value.

Frequently Asked Question About KLM Cancellation Policy

  • What is the 24 KLM cancellation policy?

Under the KLM 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their reservation and get full reimbursement if their flight ticket is cancelled within the grace period or 24 hours after the booking.

  • Instead of cancelling my KLM flight booking, can I reschedule my flight?

Yes, it is not compulsory to cancel your ticket; instead, you can rebook your ticket. With the “MY TRIPS” option, you can reschedule your flight. The rescheduling process may be subject to a change fee per the KLM flight change policy.

  • What should I do if KLM Airlines cancels or changes my flight?

If your flight is rebooked or cancelled by KLM Airlines, you can cancel your ticket and request KLM Airlines for a refund, or you can take the rescheduled flight, which is arranged by KLM Airlines. There is no need to pay extra charges if KLM Airlines cancels or reschedules your booking.

  • Can I cancel my KLM Airlines reservation in online mode?

Yes, KLM Airlines allows you to cancel your KLM ticket online if your reservation was made by the KLM Airlines official website or by their customer service team.

  • After the ticket cancellation, can I get a full refund?

Yes, but if your ticket is fulfilled, the full refund terms & conditions are. All tickets are not eligible for refunds. You will get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within the leniency period.