Jetstar Airline Name Change Policy

It can be hard enough to book a flight, you don’t need to bother about spelling out passenger names. However, clients of Australia’s low-cost airline Jetstar may have to pay a high price for name errors. After a booking, Jetstar has strict guidelines and high fees for changing the name of a passenger. 

Table of Content 

  • What is Jetstar Airline Name Change Policy?
  • Jetstar Name Change Rules and Fees
  • When Can You Change Your Name on a Jetstar Airways Booking?
  • Are There Any Restrictions on Changing the Name on a Jetstar Airways Booking?
  • Issues with Name Changes for Jetstar 
  • Tips for Handling Name Changes at Jetstar 
  • FAQs

What is Jetstar Flight Change Name Policy?

Jetstar has strict guidelines about flight name changes for reservations, particularly with their lowest lead-in “starter” tickets. This no-additions carrier mostly depends on extra fees, such as those for changed reservations. Their guidelines for changing their name are: 

  • Starter fares: You must cancel and rebook; name changes are not permitted in any circumstances
  • Expensive airfares: Name modifications incur a cost of $129 for each passenger traveling domestically and $299 for those traveling internationally.

Jetstar Name Change Rules and Fees

Depending on the base fare paid, Jetstar’s policy about changing passenger names on reservations varies. 

Basic Fees 

The most stringent restrictions apply to Jetstar “Basic” tickets. 

  • There can be no name changes at all 
  • The reservation needs to be canceled.

Cheaper fares 

Jetstar allows name changes on more costly “Cheap” trips, but there’s a steep cost:

For domestic flights, the cost per passenger is $129, while for international trips, it is $299.Not every reservation is subject to a price for name changes; if many passengers need to be changed, each will incur a separate fee.

  • As long as the name change fee is paid, the new name may be utilized. 
  • If the reservation is canceled and rescheduled, there is no assurance regarding the fare or seat availability. 
  • Accordingly, the cost for each name change varies according to the number of passengers impacted.

When Can You Change Your Name on a Jetstar Airways Booking?

According to Jetstar airline name correction policy, up to two hours prior to the planned departure time, Jetstar Airways permits travelers to modify the name on their reservation. This implies that you have to modify the name on your reservation at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight if you find out you won’t be able to make it. Notably, name changes are only possible online; they cannot be completed in person at the airport. If you want to name on your flight ticket, you can contact us at this number +61 (1800) 569 084. You must sign into your Jetstar Airways account and follow the instructions in the name change process if you want to alter the name on your reservation.

Are There Any Restrictions on Changing the Name on a Jetstar Airways Booking?

Yes, Jetstar has certain restrictions on changing the name on a booking. As a component of its low-cost business strategy, Jetstar defends its stringent naming policy. Keeping costs low is one of the reasons, as manual name change procedure requires Jetstar administrative and staffing costs. Having expensive fees helps to balance this. 

  • Preventing the misuse of name changes: If free name changes were permitted after booking, some travelers could attempt to switch to a less expensive flight. 
  • Increasing ancillary revenue: Jetstar is able to offer lower base rates thanks to revenue from add-on fees. Name change costs are a significant source of income. 
  • Fraud prevention: Tighter regulations aid in preventing fraudulent ticket purchases or resale.

Issues with Name Changes for Jetstar 

The rigidity of Jetstar’s name-change policy may result in serious problems for travelers: 

  • High cost—$299 for international travel or $129 for domestic travel—are thought to be exorbitant by customers for the simple act of fixing a small name spelling mistake. 
  • Inconsistent application — Some clients claim that Jetstar waives fees upon check-in, while others are always charged the full amount. 
  • Rebooking problems—Tickets that are canceled forfeit their fee and seats. If prices increase, new reservations can cost more. 
  • Error stress—When mistakes are named, there is a great deal of pressure to address the matter within Jetstar’s strict guidelines. 
  • Risk of denial at check-in — Unless the ticket is rebooked, there is a risk of being denied boarding on low-cost flights since there is no name change option.

Tips for Handling Name Changes at Jetstar 

The following advice will help you navigate Jetstar airline stringent name-change policy: 

  • Verify names three times during the booking process to make sure they exactly match the traveler’s identity documents and prevent problems.
  • Take into account middle names — Include middle names provided previously for the trip. There may be a name change cost if these are omitted. 
  • Understand the fare policies – Lower fares don’t allow for adjustments. Pay extra for a Flexi fare if the opportunity to change your name is offered. 
  • Compare the expenses of canceling and rebooking – Compare change fees to any fare discrepancies and seat availability resulting from cancellation and rebooking. 
  • Immediately verify details — Check reservations again as soon as possible after making a purchase to catch mistakes early.
  • Check-in online-To minimize inspection at the airport, try checking in online if the names on your ID and booking differ somewhat. 
  • Request waivers politely – When making little spelling corrections at check-in, politely ask staff for releases; but, don’t count on them being granted. 
  • Don’t book under duress – Enter names slowly and deliberately while booking, as opposed to hurrying. Error risk is increased with last-minute bookings. 
  • Think about getting travel insurance. Some plans might reimburse you for unintentional name changes, such as those resulting from court orders.


Can you change the name on the airline ticket Jester?

Depending on the kind of fare. No name changes are permitted on Jetstar’s “starter” fares, which are lower. Changes are possible with more costly “Flexi” rates, however there is a steep fee per passenger. 

What is the cost of name changes on Jetstar? 

For name changes on domestic reservations, Jetstar costs 129 AUD per passenger; for international flights, the fee is $299 AUD per passenger. This is applicable to their changeable Flexi fare options.

Why are the name change fees on Jetstar so expensive?

Additional fees are a key component of Jetstar’s low-cost carrier business model. Since name change costs are a major source of income, their prices are set high. 

Can name changes be waived by Jetstar? 

Although it’s not always the case, Jetstar employees occasionally have the option to waive fees. It is their official policy to impose the change costs that are listed.