Jetstar Airline Cancellation Policy

Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, a low-cost airline based in Melbourne, Australia, also goes by the name Jetstar and describes itself as ‘value-based’. It was created as a protective measure against the threat posed by the airline Virgin Australia and is a completely owned subsidiary of Qantas. Qantas Airways caters to the full-service premium market, while Jetstar airline cancellation policy serves the low-cost market as part of the company’s two brand strategy.

Table of Content

  • What is Jet star airline cancellation policy?
  • Jetstar 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Jetstar cancellation policy due to bad weather
  • How much is the Jetstar cancellation fee?
  • Ways to cancel a Jetstar flight
  • Jetstar Refund policy
  • How to get a Jetstar Refund?
  • Jetstar airline customer service
  • Conclusion

What is Jetstar Airline cancellation policy?

Although there is often a cancellation fee associated with Jetstar non-refundable tickets, there are times when it is not. Only legitimate reservations will have the ability to cancel flights. The guidelines for compensation and refunds are set in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. 

  • The same regulations apply to domestic and international flights. After revocation, passengers are able to rebook a different flight. Depending on the nation visited, Jetstar’s cancellation policy may change.
  • Reservations made through travel agencies cannot be changed by contacting airline authorities. During revocation, you can be required to provide specific paperwork. Depending on the mode you choose, the time it takes to process your reversal request may vary.
  • Revocations must be completed in full prior to the departure of the flight. 
  • If you have a medical emergency, you will be able to reverse your travel plans. The flyers have the option to withdraw any sort of ticket at any time.

Jetstar 24 hour cancellation policy

A complete refund is provided if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchase and there are at least seven days between the booking and departure dates. Under Jetstar’s 24-hour cancellation policy, you can cancel any flight within 24 hours of booking and get a full refund if the trip departs at least 7 days later. This is the current policy for all fares. If a traveler changes their flight more than 24 hours after purchasing their ticket or within seven days before departure, they will be charged a fee.

Jetstar cancellation policy due to bad weather

Jetstar will notify you as soon as possible if your flight is canceled due to inclement weather or technical issues and ask if you would prefer a refund for the cancelled trip or to be rebooked on a different airline. When there are no flights available, Jetstar will often book you on the first available flight as quickly as possible. If not, the airline will make every effort to ensure your comfort and will book you lodging close to the airport. 

Jetstar may have different policies and processes for weather-related flight cancellations, so it’s vital to check with them to be sure of what their specifics are. One can reach out to them via their customer support.

How much is the Jetstar cancellation fee?

A small cost known as the Jetstar booking cancellation fee will be assessed to any passenger who does not finish the cancellation within the allotted period. To find out more about Jetstar cancellation fees according to fare category, keep reading: Those who purchase introductory fare tickets are not eligible for a refund once the risk-free time expires. Ticket holders with starter fare who are eligible for flexible package plans have up to the designated dates to cancel their reservations. They will receive Jetstar vouchers that they can use for future travel, but they won’t be able to use them to book specific dates if their plans alter. 

Flight Type Cancellation Fee
Domestic flights within Australia and New Zealand AUD/NZD $50
Domestic flights within Japan JPY ¥3,000
Short-haul international flights/between Australia and New Zealand AUD/NZD $50/FJD $75
Long-haul international flights with Jetstar Airways AUD/NZD $50/KRW ₩61,500

Ways to cancel a Jetstar flight

Customers of Jetstar have multiple options for altering or canceling their flights. The following is a list of all the ways to cancel a Jetstar flight: 

Online method

Use the following steps to cancel your Jetstar flight:

  • To access your Jetstar account, log in at
  • Go to the “My Trips” section of the internet. 
  • Find the flight you want to cancel. 
  • Click the “Cancel Flight” button and adhere to the on-screen directions to cancel a flight. 

Offline method

To cancel your bookings offline, you will have to call the airline authorities at the suitable contact numbers.

Note: If you have any problems with your flight cancellation, you may contact us at +61 (1800) 569 084.

Jetstar Refund policy

In order to keep costs low for all passengers, the airline has stated on its website that it does not offer refundable rates. However, refunds are contingent upon when a ticket is canceled after the cancellation fee specified above. Still, you’ll receive a complete reimbursement if: At least 60 days prior to the scheduled departure date, you cancel your flight. If the flight departs at least seven days later, you may cancel within twenty-four hours. If you have a minimum 2-hour delay, the airline has canceled your trip. The revised flight is not convenient for you, hence it has been rescheduled. When a major disease, death, juror, etc. occurs, you must, if at all possible, cancel your flight.

How to get a Jetstar Refund?

The procedures to obtain a refund for your Jetstar flight are as follows: 

  • Check out the official airline website at
  • Click the website’s “My Trips” tab. Enter the required data, such as your last name and confirmation code, on the following screen. 
  • You will be taken to the booking summary page when you click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. 
  • Choose Cancel Reservation On the final page, you will now see the refund amount together with the cancellation cost.

Jetstar Airline customer service

In order to make sure that all of its customers’ demands are satisfied and that all of their inquiries are handled, Jetstar Air has set up a number of channels for communication. The methods listed below can be used to contact Jetstar: 

Via Phone: The Jetstar cancellation phone number, is available toll-free and 24/7.

Through Chatbot: On the airline’s website, there is a chatbot that attempts to answer all of your inquiries and help you with any problems you may be having.


If you forget to cancel your ticket, you can still do so up until one hour before your Jetstar flight departs, but the airline will charge you a small cancellation fee. This is how Jetstar’s cancellation policy works. For the most recent information, you should always visit the airline’s website or get in touch with customer service. According to the terms of your policy, if you have travel insurance, you can be eligible for additional benefits.


If I cancel my Jetstar flight, can I receive my money back? 

You may change your mind for any reason, but Jetstar is not obligated to give you a refund. However, based on the fare rules applicable to your reservation, you might be eligible for a refund in certain situations. 

Are flights always canceled by Jetstar? 

Jetstar never cancels flights for non-commercial reasons or in the event that not enough seats are sold on the day of departure. Nevertheless, in spite of our best efforts, there are situations when delays or cancellations of flights on the day you are scheduled to fly are inevitable.

Does the fee of canceling a flight apply? 

Flight cancellations may be charged a cost. Depending on the terms and circumstances of your ticket, the airline may charge a cancellation fee. This cost might not be incurred if you purchase a fully-refundable airline ticket.