Have you booked flights with EVA Air to travel to your ideal location? Then, you made the right decision. This airline provides a comfortable flight experience in its five-cabin class. Due to unexpected circumstances, you have to cancel your reservation. If you want to know how to cancel an EVA Air flight, you have come to the right place. Here, we are providing information that will be beneficial for you while cancelling tickets and will help you save on cancellation charges. As per the Eva Air Cancellation Policy, you can cancel it online or offline.

What is Eva Air Cancellation Policy?

Under Eva Air cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight and get a reimbursement. You will not need to pay an Eva Air cancellation fee if your flight is cancelled within 24 hours after making the reservation. Let’s review the major highlights of the Eva Air Cancellation Policy. 

  • If you book a flight to/from the United States and wish to cancel it within one day of flight booking. Eva Airlines will refund you without deducting the cancellation fee.   
  • However, if you book your ticket within seven days of departure and wish to cancel it, you must pay the cancellation fee. 
  • As per the flight cancellation policy, only refundable tickets are entitled to full refund. While non-refundable tickets are subject to additional charges.      
  • If Eva Airlines is unable to stop your arrival location, they will not impose a cancellation fee. 
  • The Eva Air cancellation fee is based on your fare type and destination. 
  • If you directly purchase a ticket from Eva Air source, you can easily cancel your ticket online or offline. 
  • However, if any third party or travel agent makes your booking, you will have to connect with them for ticket cancellation.

Eva Air Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

Eva Air cancellation policy of 24 hours means that if you cancel your ticket within the day of booking, Eva Air will not impose a cancellation fee. However, cancellation charges will apply over the 24-hour ticket cancellation period. But you can avoid the cancellation charges if you have purchased refundable tickets. You can make adjustments to refundable tickets at any time

How to Cancel Eva Air Flight Ticket?

According to Eva Air cancellation rule, airline provides you with multiple options for ticket cancellation, including:

  • By phone call.
  • Eva Air website or app. 
  • By going straight to the help desk.
  • Visit Eva office nearby.
  • Or contact the travel agent / third party.

Follow the below simple steps for ticket cancellation online.     

    • Open the Eva Air website on your smartphone. 
    • Navigate to the “Manage My Trip” option, which is located at the top of Eva Airlines homepage.
    • In the given column, fill in your last name and Eva Airlines booking number. Then, click the login button.
    • After finishing your login details, go to “view my reservation,” and then all the fights will be shown on your screen.   
    • Select the flight under the “View My Reservation” section. 
    • Then click the “Flight Cancel” button and follow the screen prompts.  
    • If your Eva Airlines ticket does not meet the free cancellation requirements, you will be required to pay a flight cancellation charge.
    • If you have received a confirmation email from EVA Airlines, it means that your tickets have been cancelled.

Eva Air Cancellation fee

Eva Air charges a cancellation fee for those passengers who cancel their reservation after the 24-hour window period. The Eva Air cancellation charges depend on the ticket type and cancellation time. As per the Eva Cancellation rule, If your ticket does not meet the criteria for a free cancellation, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee. 

At the time of the refund, the airline will transfer money to your account after deducting the cancellation charges. Basically, Eva Airlines cancellation charges start at 50 dollars for domestic flights and 100 dollars for international flights. However, Economy discount tickets are not eligible for cancellation or refund after booking. 

Eva Air No-show Policy

As per Eva Air No-Show policy, If you forget to cancel your ticket before departure, the airline may cancel your ticket, and you will not be eligible to travel. Your flight booking price can be forfeited by the airline. If you are unable to show up for your flight before departure and your reservation number starts between 525 and 695, the no-show fee will apply, which is based on your reservation. 

Eva Air refund Policy

Eva Air offers a refund facility after the ticket cancellation. Every passenger is not entitled to full reimbursement, which is based on the type of ticket you have purchased. You can obtain a refund if your ticket was booked on the Eva Air website, at the ticket counter, or by phone. 

Explain the Eva Air refund policy at the below listed points. 

  • Your flight must be operated by Eva Air.
  • If you book a flight in cash, the refund process will take 7-20 days.
  • However, if your ticket is purchased online, you will get reimbursement within seven days.
  • Refunds will be transferred only to your bank account.  
  • Your refund will be issued in the same currency that you used at the time of reservation.
  • During the cancellation, you should send a refund request.  
  • In certain conditions, the airline may give you coupons/vouchers in exchange for a cash refund in cash.     
  • You can send a refund request within 2 days after the ticket cancellation.  
  • In that case, you must connect with the local office for award ticket cancellation. 


Due to a change in the travel itinerary, you need to cancel your ticket. Don’t worry. Eva Air Flight’s cancellation policy permits you to cancel your ticket and get a reimbursement. If your flight reservation is directly made by EVA Air, you can cancel your ticket easily. The airline imposes cancellation charges or refund fees, which are based on your reservation type as well as the cancellation period. 

Is there a cancellation fee for EVA Air?

Yes, under the Eva Air Cancellation Charge rules, you will have to pay cancellation charges. The cancellation charges are based on your reservation type and cancellation period. You can pay the cancellation charges online or offline. If any third party or travel agency made your reservation, you must connect with them at the time of ticket cancellation

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

Yes, you can get a full refund if your reservation meets the free cancellation requirements. There are certain conditions under which you are eligible for a full refund, such as:

  • If Eva Air denies you for boarding due to overbooking,  
  • If the flight is unable to stop at your destination,
  • The flight is cancelled due to the weather forecast. 

What happens if EVA Air cancels flights?

Don’t worry if Eva Air cancels your flight. If the new flight does not suit you, you may ask for a refund from Eva Air. They will transfer the refund to the account within one week. If the ticket is cancelled by the airline, all ticket holders are eligible for a full refund without deducting the cancellation charges. You will have to contact the Eva Air customer care team or your travel agent, if your reservation was made by any third party.