Emirates Seat Selection: Your Comfort, Your Choice!

Have you made your reservation with Emirates Airlines and wish to change your seat? No need to worry! With Emirates seat selection policy, you can change your seat hassle-free. The seat selection on Emirates Airlines is subject to additional costs. Look at the below information and make your journey more comfortable. 

Overview of the Emirates seat selection policy?

If you need to change your seat after making a reservation, you may do so. You must qualify for certain terms & conditions for seat changes on Emirates Airlines. Here are some important points about the Emirates seat selection. 

  • You may select the seat when you make a reservation.  
  • If you do not choose the seat as per your desire at the time of making a reservation, you may connect with Emirates officials. 
  • If you change your seat within the 24-hour window, there is no need to pay the Emirates seat selection fee. 
  • Keep in mind that the 24-hour window free change option is not applicable to basic fare ticket holders. 
  • If the 24-hour window session expires, you will be responsible for additional charges. 
  • The Emirates seat selection fee varies, depending on your fare and class type. 
  • Emirates Airlines does not charge a seat selection fee if you purchase a first-class ticket.   
  • If you upgrade your seat to a higher class, you will get extra legroom. 
  • You may change your seat 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.   

How to change seats on Emirates Airlines?

You can change your seat using the “Manage Booking” tab. If you make your reservation through an offline booking channel, you may change your seat by contacting the airline officials or visiting the airport. Let’s examine the steps to changing your seat on Emirates Airlines. 

Via Emirates Airlines website:

  • Firstly, you must visit Emirates Airlines official website.  
  • Then, enter your personal information to log in to your passenger account. 
  • Now, go to the “Manage Booking” option and enter your last name along with Emirates Airlines reservation number. 
  • Select the flight under the booking list. 
  • Then click “choose the seat”  However, you may select the seat through the “Seat Map” option. 
  • To make changes to your reserved seat, follow the screen prompts or instructions.  
  • After that, click the “Continue” button and accept the Emirates seat selection terms & conditions. 
  • Pay the Emirates seat selection fee if you are unable to meet the requirements for free changes. 
  • After finishing the seat selection process, you will get an update on your registered email.   

Speak With A Live Agent:

Emirates Airlines allows you to change your Emirates Flight by connecting with a live airline agent. When you connect with a live agent, you must provide them with your personal information as well as your Emirates booking information. You have to tell them which seat you want to book as per your wish. After checking the availability of seats, if any seat is vacant on the flight, airline officials will book your seat. The airline officials will send information about your seat selection via email or inbox message.

Emirates seat selection fee

Emirates seat selection is subject to additional costs and the availability of space. However, Emirates Airlines does not charge a first-class passenger if they upgrade their seat to a higher class. The Emirates seat selection fee is not fixed; it depends on the fare and class type. Let’s know about the seat selection fee with the help of the below table.  

Seat Type Emirates Choose Seats Fee
Regular  Between 7-40 Dollars
Preferred  Between 15-100 Dollars
Twin  Between 20-135 Dollars
Extra Legroom Between 30-260 Dollars

What types of seats are offered by Emirates Airlines for seat upgrades?

There are different types of seats available on Emirates Airlines for seat upgrades. You will have to contact the airline representatives for seat upgrades if you want to select the seat as per your desire. 

Window seat:

Most passengers select the window seat for the amazing view and an unforgettable flight experience. You may upgrade your seat to a window seat, but you will have to do so as soon as possible because a window seat is a more desirable seat than other seats.  

Aisle Seat:

You can choose the Aisle seat, which is the perfect seat. When you need to go to the bathroom, you may go easily without disturbing anyone. Basically, these seats are located at the end of the row, and you can stretch your legs during the flight. 

Extra Legroom Seat:

Everyone is ready to get an extra legroom seat for comfort. Passengers are ready to pay more for selecting the extra legroom seat. This seat provides you with more comfort, you can straighten your legs. 

Flat Bed Seat: 

Generally, flatbed seats are available for first and business-class passengers, they may enjoy a lot in the flatbed seat. If you upgrade your seat to a flatbed seat, you will get a luxury experience during the flight. The airline provides you with delicious food and drinks.  

Exit Row Seat:

The exit row seat is more comfortable and provides you with extra legroom at an affordable price. Generally, airlines will not upgrade your seat to an exit row seat, if you travel with your furry friend.  

Can I upgrade my seat free of charge?

Yes, as per the selecting seats on Emirates guidelines, you may upgrade your seat, but you must qualify the specific requirements. If you make a reservation in first and business class, there is no need to pay the Emirates seat selection fee. If you upgrade your seat within the 24-hour risk-free period, the airline will not charge you additional charges, but it will be subject to terms & conditions.  

Can I select a seat after booking the flight?

Yes, as per the Emirates choose seats guidelines, you may upgrade your seat after purchasing the ticket on Emirates Airlines. The airline will charge you for services cost and seat upgradation cost, if you change your seat after the 24-hour window or flight booking.   

Emirates pick seats—Emirates Skywards Members Tier Platinum

The Emirates Skywards member can upgrade their seat as per their desire free of charge. Emirates Airlines does not charge a seat change fee for Skywards members. These members can upgrade their seats through the Manage Booking option or connect with airline representatives. 


With Emirates seat selection policy, you may upgrade your seat into a higher class as per your desire. If any seat is vacant on the flight, sometimes the airline announces at the last minute for seat upgrades, so you may change seats at the airport. If you do not qualify for the free changes requirements, you will be responsible for the Emirates seat selection fee.