Have you filled out a misspelt name while making a reservation with Emirates Airlines? Don’t be frustrated! Emirates Airlines name correction policy allows you to change or correct your name up to 2 hours before your scheduled departure. As per the name change guidelines, you may correct up to four characters. With the help of this page, you can easily change or correct your name trouble-free. 

Major Highlights: Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy

As per Emirates Airlines’ name change policy, you may change or correct your name before your scheduled departure. Here are some major highlights of the name correction policy. 

  • You may correct up to four characters in your first, middle or last name. 
  • Emirates Airlines allows you to make corrections in your name up to 2 hours prior to your departure. 
  • This airline does not allow you to transfer tickets to someone else. 
  • Due to marriage or divorce, the airline will permit you to change your last name. 
  • To change the last or first name, you must submit the required documents. 
  • Emirates Airlines will waive the name change fee if you book your ticket by using the Skywards Frequent Flyers Rewards account.    
  • Once your name is changed, you will need to book your seat again under the Emirates Flight check-in option. 
  • You can change or correct your name online or offline. 

How can you correct your name on an Emirates Airlines Ticket?

As per its flight change policy, you can make changes to your name. You may correct your name online, offline, or at the airport. Go through the below different ways for name correction on an Emirates ticket.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction offline

Emirates Airlines allows its passengers to change their name offline. Just visit the Emirates website and get a help support number. When you connect with help support representatives, provide them with your basic details and Emirates reservation number. The offline process is similar to the online process. In this process, you can correct up to 4 characters in your name. You must submit the name correction fee if your Emirates ticket does not meet the free change requirements.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Online

  • Firstly, search “Emirates.com” by using your phone or PC.
  • Enter your six-digit Emirates reservation code and last name under the “Manage Booking.”
  • Now, click the “Retrieve Booking” option.  
  • After that, go to the Emirates Name Correction tab and click it. 
  • Fill out your exact and correct name, which should match properly with your government ID proof. 
  • You must pay the correction fee under the Emirates name change Policy.
  • After fetching your details within four, you will get a new ticket with an updated name. 

Emirates Airlines Name Correction via app

You can change your name through the Emirates Airlines app; the process is similar to online. Follow the below steps for name correction via the Emirates app.

  • Download the Emirates app from the Play Store or I Store.  
  • Log in to the app by entering your personal details, such as first and last name, phone number and email. 
  • Click the “Manage Booking” option and fill out the six-digit reservation code, which is mentioned on your Emirates ticket and your last.
  • Click the “Retrieve Booking” option to proceed with the name correction.
  • Submit the legal document and correct your name, which should match your legal documents. 
  • Within 4 hours, Emirates Airlines will issue a new ticket with the correct name.        

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Fee

Emirates Airlines will charge you a name correction fee if you fill in a misspelt name on your Emirates reservation ticket. The name correction fee is subject to terms and conditions. If the sale point is Brazil or India, there is no need to pay a name change fee. Whereas, if you directly book a ticket with Emirates or any other travel company, you must pay a 30 dollar name change fee. The 30 dollars name correction fee will apply to all countries, excluding the UK, Brazil and India.   


As per the Emirates Airlines name change policy, If you mistakenly enter a misspelled name on an Emirates ticket, the name change policy allows you to change your name. You are entitled to correct up to four letters in your name. However, you are eligible to change or correct your last name if you get married, divorce, or have a court order.