Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance permits you to carry one cabin luggage and one personal item, which is free of cost. Your luggage size should not be more than (56 x 35 x 23 cm). Due to space constraints, only 50 or fewer passengers can carry personal items on a flight. If you carry extra baggage & oversized weight then you must pay the additional baggage fees; all charges vary. You can carry up to only 10 bags. Before boarding the flight, you should check the Delta baggage policy; it will be beneficial for you because you will not have to face any kind of problem at the airport.

Carry-on Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance allows passengers to board with one piece of hand luggage and one personal item in flight. Personal items include a laptop, purse, briefcase, camera, or other small items. Your hand luggage size should not be more than 56cm x 35cm x 23cm, including luggage wheels. You can carry one handbag and one personal item on a flight without paying additional costs. Delta Airlines did not decide on personal item size and weight, but your item should comfortably fit in your seat. Under the TSA guidelines, this airline allows you to bring liquid in your bag, but it should be 100 milliliters or less.

Delta Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin class is a different kind of seat. If your luggage does not cover the hand luggage category, then you will have to request cabin class.

    • Your luggage weight should not exceed 45 kg, and its linear dimensions should be up to 62 inches.
    • Remember that you cannot carry any harmful or sharp items in your luggage.
    • Your luggage will be covered by a seat belt in cabin class.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines baggage allowance, Your first-hand luggage, and one personal item are free during check-in. The maximum weight limit of all checked bags should be up to 23 kg for economy class and 70 kg for business and first class. The luggage size must be up to 62 inches. If you cross the maximum weight limit, then you will have to pay an extra amount based on your ticket type and location. If you are not involved in any membership with Delta Airlines, then you must pay the luggage check-in fee for the first bag, which is $30, and the second bag, which is $40.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance fees

Departure  Arrival  First bag second d bag Canada
Israel / North America  Free  CA $120
Europe  India  Free  75$
Japan  Saipan / Guam Free  40$
Mexico  Europe  75$ 100$
Colombia  Colombia  30$ 60$


If you have a SkyMiles membership and you booked a flight between the US and Canada, you can check in for free luggage.

  • Silver membership: You can check in one free bag, which should weigh up to 70 pounds.
  • Gold: Allow 2 free bags, weighing 70 pounds for each bag.
  • Diamond/ platinum membership: Allow 3 free bags (70 pounds for each bag).

Extra Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

Delta Airlines baggage allowance imposes additional costs if you carry three or more extra pieces of luggage. Additional costs are based on your ticket type and destination. Your first-hand luggage and one personal item are free. Additional costs apply for extra luggage as well as oversized luggage. The maximum amount of luggage you can carry is up to 10 bags.

  • Up to 10 bags are allowed on Delta flights.
  • Charges will apply after two or more luggage checks.
  • If your luggage does not fit on your flight, the airline will transfer your luggage to the next available flight.
  • All excess baggage fees are various; it depends on your baggage size and weight.

Alternative to Delta Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance Fees

Flight Between

Additional cost

US Domestic Your third bag check costs 150$ and fourth to tenth bag 200$ per bag. 
Canada to USA  3 bag: 150$

4-10: 200$

USA to Canada or the Caribbean  3 bag: 150 cad/$

4-10 bags: 200 cad/$ for each bag USA

A to Mexico or Canada  3 bag: 180 cad/$

4-10 : 200 cad/$

USA or between central America or Mexico 3 bag : 125 $/cad

4-10 bags: 200 $/cad each bag

Oversized Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance Fees

If you carry oversized or overweight luggage on Delta Airlines, then you will have to pay fees under the baggage allowance policy. If you travel within the United States and you are carrying luggage that weighs approximately 161-203 cm, you will have to pay $200, and you cannot carry luggage weighing more than 203 cm. You can get  Delta Airlines Student Discount.

Country  Oversized fees USA
A or Canada, Virgin Island  161-203 cm: 200$or cad

You can not carry more than 203 cm.

USA to Asia, Middle East, and Australia  161-203: 175 $/  € or cad

Max limit : 203

USA to north, south or central America 161-203 : 345 cad/ 300$ or 250 €
USA to Brazil 100$ for 161-203cm