Do you want to know about the “Condor Airlines Name change policy”? Sometimes you face the problem of how to change your name after booking. It’s okay this article will be helpful for your queries. Condor Airline gives you a chance for a name change after the booking. You can change your name by just visiting their website and clicking the “Manage Booking tab.” This option is available on top of the website. Change your name through websites, phone calls, email, and visiting the airport ticket counter. You should get in touch with their customer care service staff.

Does Condor Airlines allow name change/correction?

Yes! But, everyone is not eligible for changes. Condor Airlines only allows name changes for minor mistakes or name change court-order according to their flight change policy. For correction in your name, you will have to pay additional charges depending on your ticket type and destination. This airline gives you options to change or correct your name through online and offline.

Name changes allowed by Condor Airlines

There are a few points when Condor Airlines allows you for name changes.
This airline allows for correction when you make a minor mistake in your name.

  • You will have to need some legal documents.
  • The airline will apply some fees according to your changes.
  • After changing the name, you cannot transfer your ticket to another passenger.
  • If you book your ticket through a third party, please contact them directly.

Condor Airlines conditions allow the name change.

Without fulfilling the Condor Airlines name change conditions, You cannot change your name after the confirmed ticket. Follow the conditions given below.

  • The airline gives you the option to change your name if you make a minor mistake in your name.
  • Condor Airlines does not allow you to change your full name.
  • If you get married or divorced before departure, then you can change your surname.
  • Required legal documents or Government ID proofs.
  • Pay the fees according to your changes.
  • If a ticket is booked through a third party, you should contact them directly.
  • Contact Condor Airline customer service staff to know about the terms of the name change.

Documents required for Condor name change/correction

You will need certain documents at the time of name change or correction because the airline will not change your name without submitting legal documents.

  • You will require a “Name change” request form.
  • Marriage or Divorce certificate.
  • Payment receipt.
  • Reservation ticket.
  • Or other Government ID proofs.

Online Method to Update Name on Condor Ticket

If you accidentally enter a wrong name during a reservation and you are not able to change your name offline, so you can use the online method. Online mode works very fast, and You will not have to face long queues at the airport. Follow the mentioned points.

Via website:
  • Visit the Condor Airlines official Website.
  • Click the “My Trip” tab.
  • Fill in your surname and booking number.
  • Hit the “Edits” button.
  • Enter your correct name, which is necessary to match your legal document.
  • Submit the required documents.
  • Before paying the fee, you should re-check your details.
  • Pay the mentioned fees.
  • After all procedures are complete, they will send you mail regarding confirmation of your new name.

Offline method to change name on Condor airline ticket

  • Sometimes, you are not able to change your name by online, so you have to go to the airport. Here are some points that will be helpful in changing your name through offline methods.
  • You can call their customer care number at +1 866-952-7309. They will help you to change your name.
  • Condor Airlines gives you the option to change your name by sending a name change request to the airline’s official email
  • Visit the nearest Condor ticketing office, where you will find customer service assistance, and they will help you regarding corrections. This airline’s customer care services are available 24*7 hours every day.

Condor Airlines Name Change Policy Fees

Sometimes, you make a minor mistake in your name after the confirmed ticket. It’s okay! Condor Airlines always stand with their passengers in any situation. This airline gives you an opportunity to change your name, but you will have to follow their name change policy. Condor Airlines allows free changes if you make corrections within 24 hours of booking. Sometimes, if you want to transfer your ticket to another passenger, then you will have to pay extra fees around 50$ to 150$. You should contact their customer service staff for a name change policy.