It is not necessary that you will travel on your departure date. There are many reasons when you are unable to fly on your travel date due to an emergency, or you are planning to cancel your ticket due to unexpected circumstances. Under the Avelo cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their tickets for free, depending on the cancellation terms and conditions. If you are stuck in a situation where you are unable to cancel your ticket, this page will guide you to cancel your ticket hassle free.

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation: Major Highlights

Under the Avelo Airlines cancellation policy, you may cancel your ticket 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. But there are some conditions that apply that you must fulfil. Check out the major highlights of the Avelo Air cancellation policy in the below listed points.

  • The airline provides you with Avelo travel funds that you may use to make new bookings or upgrade your bookings. 
  • They do not impose flight cancellation charges. 
  • You will have to pay a 25-dollar flight cancellation fee if you cancel your flight by the call center.      
  • If Avelo Airlines changes your flight schedule or cancels, you may obtain a full refund without deducting any additional charges.
  • If the airline is unable to arrive at your location in that case, the airline will cancel your ticket and credit your account with a full refund.    
  • You must contact your travel agent, if they book your flight.  

How to cancel Avelo Airlines Flight?

You may be entitled to a full refund if you book your Avelo flight at least seven days before your scheduled departure and cancel it within the first day of booking. The airline applies 24 hours of cancellation for all passengers. After 24 hours of booking, if you do not cancel your flight 15 minutes before your departure, it will be considered a non-show.

How to cancel Avelo Airlines Flight?

If you purchased your ticket directly from Avelo Air source, you may cancel your ticket by using different options, such as online, offline or at the airport. You can cancel your ticket 15 minutes before your departure without incurring extra charges. Follow the below highlight steps for Avelo ticket cancellation. 

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation: Online

Let’s review the below points for Avelo ticket cancellation. 

  1. Visit the website by using your smartphone or PC. 
  2. Complete your sign-in process by entering the required details.  
  3. You must select the preferred language. 
  4. Enter your Avelo flight reservation code and your last name under the “Manage My Trip” option. 
  5. Choose your original booking flight and follow the prompts for ticket cancellation.   
  6. You will have to fill out the refund request form if you wish to get a refund for your unused part of the ticket.  
  7. You will get an email or SMS from Avelo Airlines to confirm that your ticket has been cancelled.  

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation: Offline

You can call their support team, which is very efficient for problem-solving. Pick the customer support number by visiting the Avelo Airlines website or directly searching on Google. When you connect with representatives, explain your problem in front of them and provide your details.

To cancel a ticket, they will require your reservation details, such as your Avelo reservation code and your details. To use this method, you must pay the cancellation fee, which is approximately 25 dollars. 

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation At the Airport

Avelo Airlines allows you to cancel your ticket at the airport. You must carry your essential documents, such as flight reservation details and your personal details. Firstly, you will have to visit the ticket counter and submit your documents. If your ticket is eligible for a refund under the Avelo cancellation policy, you will have to fill out a refund form.   

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees

Under the Avelo cancellation policy, there is no cancellation fee for you if you cancel your ticket 15 minutes before your scheduled departure. Whereas, they will charge you a cancellation fee, if your ticket is cancelled by the call.

Avelo Airlines Refund Policy

As per the Avelo Airlines refund policy, your refund will be based on your fare type and cancellation period. They will fully reimburse you if you purchase your ticket 7 days prior to your departure and cancel it within 24 hours of booking. To get a refund, you will have to fill out your refund request form. In case the airline changes your flight schedule, they will provide you with a refund without deducting the cancellation fee. 

After 15 minutes from your departure time, your ticket will be forfeited, and you will not get a reimbursement. You will get your refund in your bank account within 7-20 business days. This airline offers you Avelo travel credit points in exchange for transferring the refund to your bank account.

How to get a Refund From Avelo Airlines?

You may get your refund from Avelo Airlines by visiting the Avelo website, at the airport or by contacting the customer support team. At the time of cancellation, you will get a refund request form option; fill it out and send it to the airline. If your ticket meets the refund request, they will reimburse you in cash. However, they issue Avelo travel funds, which you can use for your future bookings. Remember that Avelo travel credit points are valid for up to 1 year. 

Avelo Cancellation Policy For No-show

The Avelo Airlines no-show policy will apply to you if you do not cancel your flight 15 minutes before the departure. If you come under the no-show terms and conditions, you are not eligible for a refund after the deadline for your departure period. But you may board your flight after the check-in deadline, which is subject to a no-show fee. 


Avelo cancellation policy permits you to cancel your reservation 15 minutes before your scheduled departure without incurring the cancellation fee. As per its flight cancellation policy, the cancellation fee will apply under only one condition: if you cancel your ticket through the call center. However, they do not impose a flight cancellation charge if you cancel your flight online.