Alaska Airlines SLC Terminal operates flights. This airline has one main terminal building and two concourses, A and B. They have divided terminals according to the various categories: Check-in and Arrival/ Departure. This page will answer your queries about which terminal level is assigned to you according to your check-in and fare ticket type.

What is general information about Alaska Airlines SLC Terminal?

The Alaska Airlines SLC has two concourses and one main terminal building. The SLC means Salt Lake City. Every different level of the terminal helps to easily manage the Arrival and departure process, including check-in, boarding pass, and luggage check-in. Because of this, Passengers should not face any problems. 

General information about Alaska Airlines SLC Terminal

  • This Airline easily handles both domestic and international flights.
  • The airport is situated in “Utah, Salt Lake City, United States ”.
  • It has one terminal and two concourses.
  • The Alaska Salt Lake terminal is situated in “Concourse A”.
  • They have one terminal for Departure/Arrival and check-in.
  • SLC is the code of IATA airport. 
  • Call this number: 1-800-654-5669/+61(1800) 718 568 for your query.

Which terminal is Alaska Airlines arrivals at SLC Airport?

The main building of the terminal is located near 3929 West Terminal. This building facilitates all arrival flights at SLC Airport. Level 1 gate of the building is open for arriving passengers. At the time of debearding, you must go to the concourses to pick up your luggage. Level 2 terminal is used for Domestic flights for pick-up luggage.

What is Alaska Air Departures SLC Airport Terminal?

The Alaska Airlines take-off flight from Level 2 of Concourse B. To check-in, you will need to go to Level 3 in the main building. After check-in, you will board your flight.

What is the Alaska Airlines terminal in SLC for international arrivals/departures?

Level 1 is used for international arrivals at the main terminal, and they use level 2 for luggage collations. You must go to level 2 to collect your items. Alaska Airlines provides you with various services at the terminal, like wheel-chair and transport.

Concourse B is utilized for international departure in Level Two of the terminal building. You will have to complete your check-in process before the departure. 

Is there an Alaska Airlines lounge in the SLC airport terminal?

NO, Alaska Airlines does not provide the facility of a lounge at the SLC Airport terminal. If you want to rest for 2-3 hours, then you can use the waiting areas. Remember that you don’t have to pay extra to use the waiting area space. 

How much is the baggage allowance at the Alaska SLC terminal?

If you check your excess luggage at the Alaska SLC terminal, you will be charged a fee according to the size and weight of your luggage. The airline imposes 30 dollar minimum charges for every extra check luggage. The airline does not charge extra fees if you carry one personal item and one carry bag. 

Which is the Alaska Airlines check-in terminal at SLC Airport?

Alaska Airlines assigns different terminal levels for different check-in. This airline allows Kiosk service at the terminal which is helpful for the check-in process.

Various check-in type Location at the terminal
Curbside and overline  At the level 3 in main building 
Self service (Kiosk) Security checkpoints.
Priority service  At the level 2