Air New Zealand Change Flight Policy

Air New Zealand Change Flight Policy allows you to change your flight according to your ticket type. If you change your flight within an hour after reservation, then you will not have to pay additional costs.

  • You can change your flight by visiting the “Air New Zealand” official website or simply calling their customer care office.
  • Flight change rules and fees vary based on your reservation type.
  • You cannot change your international flight easily.
  • Airlines will not permit you to transfer your ticket to other passengers.

Flight Change Policy For Long Haul Air New Zealand Flights

  • A flight change option is available for long-haul flight passengers. You will have to pay 100$ for the flight change. 
  • You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking without paying extra charges.

Flexi Ticket Or Business Class Fares

  • Economic flexible, premium economy and business class ticket holders can change their flight before departure. 
  • Without paying extra charges, you can not change your flight.
  • If your new flight is cheaper than the new flight, in that case, the remaining amount will be forfeited.
  • The airline is very strict about transferring tickets to other passengers.

Flight Change Policy For Domestic Air New Zealand Flights

Seat + Bag Fares

  • You must pay 50 NZD per passenger for flight name or date change.
  • Airlines will not impose extra charges if you make changes through online. 
  • Cancellation and refund are not allowed.

How To Change Flight With Air New Zealand?

If you purchase a flight ticket directly from the official website/app or call their customer care staff. You can change your flight, but you will have to pay extra charges. Follow the ways of flight change policy

Air New Zealand Change Online:

    • Type “Air New Zealand” on your browser and click on their official website.
    • Enter your login details.
    • Go to the “manage booking” option.
    • Fill in your first and last name.
    • Select that flight, which you have booked.
      • Enter your flight number.
      • Select the type of ticket.
    • Click the “flight change” option.
    • Enter the “New date” when you are available.
    • For flight change, pay the additional cost.


    • You can also change your air new Zealand flight by calling their sales team or going directly to the airport. Fill all your details and pay the fee. You will receive a text message once your flight schedule has been changed.

How To Make Air New Zealand Flight Changes Online?

Follow the below steps to make changes to your flight:

Visit the “” official website. Hit the “Manage booking” button, and you will have to enter basic details like:

    • Your name 
    • Father name
    • Flight number
    • Phone number and email
    • Select your flight 
    • Enter your flight number.
    • Select the flight type such as Business, Economy, Economy Premium or first class 
    • Click the “Continue” button.
    • Hit the “Edit” button.
    • After this click, some options will automatically appear on your display like:
    • Update your flight time.
    • Update your flight date.
    • Change your flight destinations.
    • Enter the new date.
    • Click the “continue” button.
    • Pay the changing fee if you are eligible. 

Note: If your new flight is more expensive then your previously booked flight. Then you will have to pay an excess amount.

Air New Zealand Change Flight Fees

If you do not cover the free changing policy, you must pay an extra amount according to your ticket type and destination. Let’s look at some of the varying fee structures depending on your ticket type.

For Long Haul Air New Zealand Change International Flight:

    • Economic Ticket: 100 dollars per passenger.
    • Business class and flex fare tickets are free of cost, and you can make changes to your flight before departure.
    •  Flex fare and Business class tickets are free of cost before departure.

Air New Zealand Change Fees For Domestic Flight

If you change your flight after one day of booking, you must pay 50 NZD per passenger.

Note: No additional charges will apply if your changes are made online. But if you want to change your flight over the phone, you must pay approximately 30 NZD.

Air New Zealand Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your ticket by visiting the “” website, calling their sales team at 800-847-0578 or directly visiting the airport. Apart from these options, you can change your flight through the mail process.

  • How much does the airline take changing charges through phone calls?

If you change your flight, such as a date or time change, the airline will charge 30 NZD. 

  • Can I change my long haul international flights?

Yes you can change your long haul international flight through online or offline methods.