Occasionally some situations arise suddenly when you need to cancel your ticket so Air Canada gives you various ways where you can cancel your ticket such as online and offline modes. If you are suffering any problems regarding Air Canada cancellation policy you stand in the right place because this page will solve all your queries.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Due to unexpected circumstances, passengers have to cancel their tickets. When you cancel your reservation, you will suffer financial loss due to ticket cancellation. If you want to claim a refund, you should cancel your ticket 2 hours before the departure schedule. 

  • Generally the refund process is done between one to three months after sending the refund request.
  • Reservations should be cancelled before 2 hours of your departure schedule.
  • If your reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of making the reservation, there is no need to pay.
  • Without paying cancellation charges, you can not cancel your ticket. 
  • The airport imposes additional charges if you wish to cancel your ticket via the airport.
  • After the cancel of a ticket according to cancellation policy, you will receive your reimbursement through the same mode of payment as at the time of the original booking.
  • If you have already withdrawn your refund through your insurance, you cannot request an additional refund from the airline.

Air Canada Refund Policy

Air Canada gives you an opportunity to get your full reimbursement if you cancel your ticket. If you abort your ticket within 24 hours of booking that case the airline will give you a full refund. Look at the major highlights of Air Canada’s refund policy. If a flight is delayed or cancelled by the airline, receive a full refund. 

  •  Your reservation should be cancelled by Air Canada Airlines.
  • You will have to send a reimbursement request immediately when you click the cancellation button.
  • You must fill out a refund request form. Without filling out this form, you can not get a refund.
  • If your ticket is cancelled within the first day of your reservation, your ticket will be fully refunded.
  • The refund procedure can take up to 3 months after receiving your refund request.
  • You will receive a refund using the same method of payment that you used at the time of booking.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy of Air Canada

Does not matter which type of ticket you have purchased at the time of booking. If you need to cancel your ticket due to any reason you can do it, but if you wish to get a full refund, then you should cancel your ticket within 24 hours. 

Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Medical Illness

In case if you suddenly feel sick before boarding, then the airline allows you to cancel your ticket and receive a payback in your account, but without submitting a medical report, you will not be eligible for a refund. You can send a refund request via Air Canada’s official website or by calling their support team.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy | Weather

Occasionally due to extreme weather conditions, airlines cancel your flight. If your flight has been cancelled or updated to a new date then you will receive a full payback by Air Canada airlines. When your flight is cancelled by the airline due to bad weather , you can request a full reimbursement or reschedule your flight without paying extra charges.

Cancellation Fee and Charges

If you do not smash your flight ticket within one day of flight booking, then the airline will impose a cancellation charge, which is based on the kind of ticket you have bought. Basically, the airline does give you permission to cancel your ticket if you have a Basic Economy class ticket.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy: Basic Economy Ticket

This airline does not grant you ticket cancellation after 24 hours of making a reservation. If you demand cancellation, then you have only one option, which is to cancel your ticket within 24 hours.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy: Non-Refundable Tickets

You will have to pay up to 300 dollars in cancellation charges if you carry Non-Refundable tickets, including Flex, standard Economy, Economy, or Business class, and nonflexible tickets. Air Canada does not allow you to get a full refund after cancellation. 

Air Canada Cancellation Policy: Non Refundable Ticket

Non-refundable tickets, including Premium Economy, Business Flexible, and Latitude, are eligible for a refund. The airline will transfer your reimbursement either if you cancel the ticket before the 24-hour departure or after the 24-hour departure. Generally, it takes seven working days to complete your refund process.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy For Award Tickets

If you trash your award ticket after one day of booking, then you will pay charges. All charges are different. It depends on which method you use at the time of the trash ticket. You will lose 125 dollars if your reservation is cancelled by the online mode and 150 dollars if you wish to trash your reservation via contacting their support team. Apart from this, if you have a Diamond membership and you cancel your ticket through the Air Canada website, the airline will incur 30 dollars. However, you must pay a 100-dollar charge if your reservation is cancelled by their customer care staff.

How To Cancel An Air Canada Booking?

There are several ways to cancel your reservation with Air Canada, including using their website or app, getting in touch with their customer service staff, and visiting the airport. 

Steps To Cancel Online:

  • Search the “aircanada.com” website in your browser.
  • Find their official website most of the time, and you will get the website at the top of searches.
  • Fill in your necessary details and complete your login process.
  • Go to the “manage booking” page and select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • Click the “confirm cancel” option.
  • Pay the cancellation charges according to your reservation type.
  • You will receive mail or SMS from the airlines.  

By contact their management staff:

This airline permits you to trash your ticket via calling their customer care team. But you will have to pay more in comparison to online mode.