Under the Aer Lingus Flight Change Policy, passengers can make changes to their reservation free of charge if they purchase a Business Flex Fare ticket. Under this policy, you can change the date/ time or flight before departure, but the airline will charge you as per your amendments. If you wish to change your Aer Lingus flight, read the below points, which will be helpful for you at the time of the flight change.

Aer Lingus flight change

Under the Aer Lingus flight change policy, you can change your flight before or after departure. As per the terms and conditions, you will have to pay the fare difference if you book an expensive ticket and your previous flight is less expensive. You can change your flight by going to the Aer Lingus official site, using the live chat option, or calling their help representative. You should check the details at the time of flight reservation because if you change your flight after 24 hours, Aer Lingus will charge you an additional cost.

Is there an Aer Lingus flight change option for destination ?

Yes, the flight change destination option is available on Aer Lingus. If you book your ticket directly from Aer Lingus, you can change your flight destination, last name or seat upgrade. All flight changes are subject to the change fee, which varies based on your Aer Lingus fare type of reservation. Before changing your flight reservation, check out the flight change policy or connect with the airline representative/travel agent. If you want to know more about the cancellation policy, you can visit the flight cancellation policy.

How many modifications does the Aer Lingus flight change policy allow?

Basically, Aer Lingus allows you to make unlimited changes, but you must follow the terms and conditions under the flight change policy. You can make unlimited changes if your reservation is made 7 days before departure. You can change the flight destination and departure date with the unlimited flight change option.

What is the eligibility for Aer Lingus flight changes?

Your ticket is eligible or not for changes, which is based on your Aer Lingus flight ticket type. If the flight is within Europe, the Plus and Saver tickets are not eligible for modification. However, Aerspace and Advantage tickets are eligible for changes. The plus and saver ticket modification is subject to a change fee. The airline will not apply a change fee to an Aerospace and Advantage ticket if the change is made at the check-in counter. You can make changes to the departure date.

For transatlantic flights:

  • All tickets are eligible for changes except the saver ticket. 
  • If you purchase a saver or smart fare ticket, Aer Lingus will impose additional charges per modification or per flight. 
  • If you miss your flight and you have a Flexi ticket, you do not need to pay extra charges.
  • You can make changes to your business flex fare ticket, such as flight date/time change or any other modification, free of charge. 

Are free flight changes allowed on Aer Lingus?

Yes, Aer Lingus permits you to make changes to your reservation free of charge if you fulfil the terms and conditions below, which mention their flight change policy.  

  • Aer Lingus will not apply any amendment fees if your changes are made within the first 24 hours of booking.  
  • If you change your travel date within 330 days from the booking date, extra charges will not apply.  
  • This airline will not apply a change fee for Business class passengers.
  • If you change flight destinations in the same region, you can change destinations free of charge.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus will not allow you to make free changes if your flight ticket is not eligible for free changes. Amendment fees vary depending on the type of change you make or how you make changes to your reservation, whether online or offline. If you make changes to your ticket online, charges will apply 60 dollars/ 40 EUR / 35 GBP. Charges will incur 80 dollars/ 50 EUR/ 40 GBP if your changes are made through the airport. Your original ticket price will determine your change fee. This airline will not apply additional charge for flight modifications for infants.

How to change your flight on Aer Lingus?

Basically, Aer Lingus gives you two options for flight modification, such as online and offline. Follow the below steps to make a modification. 

Via the website:  

  • First, visit the “Aer Lingus” website and stay on the home page. 
  • Go to the “Manage Trip” option, which is mentioned in the top bar of the website.
  • Fill out the booking reference number and first/last name.
  • Once you fill in the accurate details, click “Manage Booking.”
  • Then, you will be eligible to make changes to your reservation.  
  • Follow the screen prompts. 
  • Pay the modification fee as per your changes.

Through the Mobile app:   

  • First, you will have to download the Aer Lingus official app. 
  • Sign in or log in to the app, but you must connect the app through your Google account or phone number. 
  • Go to the “Flight Modification” tab. 
  • When you click the “Flight Modification” option, you will be redirected to the automatic flight change policy.
  • Start your changes as per your requirements. 
  •  Pay the fare difference and change the fee.   

Online chatbot feature:

Aer Lingus allows you to make changes via the chatbot option. You can make changes to your ticket, like changing the date or time. Just type your query in the chatbot option and send your message. The airline customer care team takes a few minutes and gives you a proper solution regarding your query. 

Note: Aer Lingus permits you to change your flight by visiting the nearby office, or if the travel agent made your reservation, then you must contact your travel agent. 

Aer Lingus Flight Change Refund Eligibility

If you rebook a new flight that is less expensive than your original booking, the airline will not apply a change fee. However, if your new flight is more expensive, you must pay the change fee as per the changed policy. As per the policy, Advantage and Aerospace tickets are eligible for refunds. Aer Lingus does not allow refund facilities for Saver and Plus tickets. If your flight is transatlantic, Saver and Smart fares are not eligible for refunds. Business, Business Flex, and Flex tickets are eligible for refunds.    

Connection with Aer Lingus on social networks

If you want to make changes to your flight ticket, connect with the Aer Lingus social media app. Generally, Aer Lingus has Twitter and Facebook accounts where they can solve your queries. You can change your flight date/ time by sending a message on their social media app.   

What happens if Aer Lingus changes my flight time?

If Aer Lingus changes your flight time, they will inform you via email or call you directly before departure. The airline will give you compensation that will depend on the delayed hours. Sometimes, if your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, they will provide you with refreshments. However, if your flight is at night, you will get dinner and hotel recommendations.